Location: Northern Alaska
Classification: Euclid

Subject Description: Subject is a normal human teenager with dark hair and eyes. The only abnormalities range from the subjects sinister smile, a orange red aura, reddish eyes, and his honed psychokinetic abilities. Subject has a very charismatic personality with a very high IQ. The subject is very interested in various studies that range from history and economics. The subject has an obsession with gaining the highest power in the world. The subject also has developed a messiah complex. The subject frequently states that he is the savior of humanity. Unfortunately the subject has "proven" most of the things that he does is true. Such as his precognitive abilities and his knowledge of various subjects.

Security guards must proceed with caution when dealing with subject. The subjects knack for mind control is very dangerous. The subject must be contained in regular living quarters with access to various books and studies. The subject must must be occupied at all times. If that doesn't happen the subject will be bored and will start to toy with the minds of the staff. When subject gains influence over an individual, that person will need to be either transferred or detained. Said person will die of seizure or brain damage due to the lack of reliability of said influenced individual.