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Item #: SCP-3944

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3944 is contained in anomalous vehicle containment bay of site 19. Vehicle is only to be moved by crane and not entered by personnel for any reason outside of testing.
As of 20/11/2002, SCP-3944 is to be kept in its original location and is to be monitored 24/7. No vehicles may approach SCP-3944. Any civilians entering it are to be given Class-A amnestics. However, if entering the area with a vehicle, they are to be given Class-A amnestics and their car demolished. They are to be given a cover-up story.

Description: SCP-3944 is a red colored 1973 Triumph GT6 of unknown origin. It was found in [DATA REDACTED] with the body of █████████████. Upon further examination, the Foundation found a video on █████████████'s phone, showing footage of the vehicle driving down the road with another vehicle crashing into █████████████'s vehicle. The location was where it was originally found by the Foundation. Two subjects were sent inside for testing. Refer to Exploration Log 1 and 2. If the subject did not drive, SCP-3944 would begin driving by itself, resulting in the crash.
Addendum 3944.1:When SCP-3944 was transported to Site 19, multiple MTF units disappeared. Class D's were sent inside for testing, all nearby MTF vehicles were affected by the anomaly, with the same MTF vehicles crashing into one another.