John Tennant 2

Item #: SCP-3634 Magic Tape Dispenser

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3634 was discovered in an office supply store in [REDACTED] Arizona. Strange reports came from a store about a magic tape dispenser that's tape had strange effects. After ██ deaths occurred along with the radioactive contamination of this supply store an MTF unit lead by [REDACTED] was sent to retrieve SCP-3634. SCP-3634 is to be kept in a 1ft-1ft-1ft Plexiglas container and may be used for testing and leisure upon approval of request.


After an incident with SCP-3634 involving SCP-682 (See incident log #3634-682) leisure use is prohibited.

Description: SCP-3634 shows no signs of sentience and resembles a damaged Staples tape dispenser. Every time a piece of tape is taken from SCP-3634 it becomes an instance of SCP-3634-1. Every instance of SCP-3634-1 has a unique and unreplicatable effect.The effects of SCP-3635-1 are only activated after being applied to a surface and can last no less than 34.5 seconds and up to 16.14 hours. Any of SCP-3634-1’s effects can be canceled by simply removing the tape from the surface or by applying water to remove adhesive. SCP-3634 could be considered a Euclid class due to the unpredictable effects of the instances of SCP-3634-1 but due to the ease of containment it is classified as a safe class


 After Incident-#I-77546-3634-[REDACTED]-3634-1-682, higher classification of SCP-3634 is under consideration.

Addendum SCP-3634-B: Incident Log:

**[DATA EXPUNGED]:** (requests use of SCP-3634)
**Dr:[REDACTED]:** Approved use of SCP-3634 to [REDACTED].
**[DATA EXPUNGED]:** (approaches SCP-682’s containment chamber and applies SCP-3634-1 to containment wall) Laughs maniacally.
**SCP-3634-1:** hissssssss (SCP-3634-1 Begins to melt through SCP-682’s containment chamber).
**Security guard-175:** STOP NOW AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR WE WILL SHOOT! (Guard-175 does not notice instance SCP-3634-1 as [DATA EXPUNGED] has blocked it from his view.)
**[DATA EXPUNGED]:** (Still laughing maniacally ignores Security Guard-175).
**Security guard-175:** OPEN FIRE! chatter bang chatter(several guns fired at [DATA EXPUNGED].
**[DATA EXPUNGED]:** (Continues to laugh maniacally until bleeding out).
**SCP-3634-1:** (breaches SCP-682’s containment chamber wall and acid begins to leak out killing all guards in the vicinity).
**SCP-682:** CRUNCH(SCP-682 starts devouring the remnants of the security team).

Note: It is unknown what caused [REDACTED] to go insane and cause such terrible events but it is believed that [DATAEXPUNGED] might have been involved. 
<End Log.>

Note From Dr.[REDACTED]:

It took 3 hours and 10 lives to recapture and contain SCP-682. As of now I'm am putting in a request to raise SCP-3634's classification level to Euclid.

Addendum SCP-3634-C:

Dr:[REDACTED] has restricted the use of SCP-3634 to testing purposes only as well as raised SCP-3634's classification level due to the new danger of deadly instances of SCP-3634-1 being produced.