John Tennant 2

Item #: SCP-3634 Magic Tape Dispenser

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3634 was discovered in an office supply store in [REDACTED] Arizona. Strange reports came from a store about a magic tape dispenser that's tape had strange effects. After ██ deaths occurred along with the radioactive contamination of this supply store an MTF unit lead by [REDACTED] was sent to retrieve SCP-3634. SCP-3634 is to be kept in a 1ft-1ft-1ft Plexiglas container and may be used for testing upon approval of request.

Description: SCP-3634 shows no signs of sentience and resembles a damaged Staples tape dispenser. Every time a piece of tape is taken from SCP-3634 it becomes an instance of SCP-3634-1. Every instance of SCP-3634-1 has a unique and unreplicatable effect.The effects of SCP-3635-1 are only activated after being applied to a surface and can last no less than 34.5 seconds and up to 16.14 hours. Any of SCP-3634-1’s effects can be canceled by simply removing the tape from the surface or by applying water to remove adhesive. SCP-3634 could be considered a Euclid class due to the unpredictable effects of the instances of SCP-3634-1 but due to the ease of containment it is classified as a safe class

Addendum SCP-3634-A:

Dr:[REDACTED] has banned the use of SCP-3634 as well as raised SCP-3634's classification level to Keter due to the new danger of deadly instances of SCP-3634-1 being produced any of which could lead to XK-Class or even ZK-Class end of the world scenarios due to the SCP's ability to produce any random effect from possible world eating black holes to Multiverse ending flashes of light it is my recomendation that it be destroyed as soon as possible End Log.