SCP-3000 (Poison Shiv)

Item #:SCP-3000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3000 is so dangerous it must be restrained with iron locks around its arms, feet, neck, and tail. Because of its nature to struggle, trying to free itself, it must be injected once every hour to prevent any escapade or danger. Those that inject it must be wary never to touch its sharp blade-like limbs, or even skin, as the hot flesh is extremely poisonous to whatever, and whoever, touches it. Therefore, those that must inject it are to wear protective suits, as SCP-3000 will not only struggle, but will spit its poisonous liquids from inside its skin and body at any staff that tries to inject it. Many have died trying to inject SCP-3000.

Description:SCP-3000, otherwise know as "The Poison Shiv," is consisted of fused blades, knives, and saws, and hot, burned-like flesh covers as much of the body as possible. As the flesh and blood is poisonous, it struggles from the pain of its blades and own flesh breaking down slowly from the venom. Staff also think SCP-3000 struggles to escape. As far as staff know, SCP-3000's struggles can only be cured by an anditode injection every hour. This means staff must be awake and alert 24 hours, otherwise SCP-3000 will break from its restrain and escape through the tightly locked doors it is enclosed in. Staff also gag SCP-3000 often when those who inject it go inside, but it is hard to get to its mouth without being infected by its venom.

Origen:SCP-3000 was discovered laying in a pile of it's own blood, burnt flesh, and partially melted metal blades beside a leaking barrel of radioactive liquid. SCP-3000 was nearly dead, and the men, hunters, that found it shot it with their hunting rifles in case it wasn't dead. Right after shooting it, SCP staff immediately came and contained the SCP-3000. By the time they reached the SCP headquarters, SCP-3000 had burnt through the side of the armored truck and slowly creeped across the ground to escape. However, the SCP managed to find SCP-3000 again and restrained it in a 5 x 5 meter enclosure. The SCP's efforts were not enough, as SCP-3000 remembered the brutal hunters and focused on killing as many SCP members as possible. It was then that the SCP foundation restrained SCP-3000 in iron shackles and only fed it a large slab of meat at [REDACTED] and only then. SCP staff were instructed to not shoot at it if it escaped as, when captured again, it would be even angrier as the memory would become more vivid. Special procedures and drills have been run to ensure the capture of SCP-3000 if it ever escaped.