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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a secure storage locker at Site ██. It is to remain closed when not being tested. Approval from two Level-3 personnel is required for testing. No further testing is to be conducted on SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 0.4m x 0.3m x 0.2m cardboard box with "DONATIONS" written with black marker on one of the sides. The box shows minor wear and some water damage to the bottom of the box. SCP-XXXX has no markings on it that show where it was manufactured.

Whenever SCP-XXXX is opened, a book will appear inside of it. There appears to be no specifications as to what books can appear in SCP-XXXX other than that the size of the book can not exceed the size of the box. The books do not have to have a cover and have had as low a page number as three (3). No further books can appear if a book is already in SCP-XXXX.

The maximum range from which SCP-XXXX can take books is unknown.

SCP-XXXX Testing Log:
Test No.: 1
Date: ██/██/2004
Book Produced: A composition notebook
Printing Year: 2004
Notes: The book contains several written algebra equations.

Test No.: 2
Date: ██/██/2005
Book Produced: "The Scarlet Letter"
Printing Year: 1974
Notes: Confirmed to belong to Dr. ██████

Test No.: 3
Date: ██/██/2005
Book Produced: "Cafeteria Food Done Right"
Printing Year: 2001
Notes: A cookbook containing recipes for large quantities of food. This book is confirmed to have come from Site ██'s kitchen.

Test No.: 4
Date: ██/██/2005
Book Produced: "Comparing And Contrasting Ancient China"
Printing Year: 2005
Notes: It appears to be a report written for a class.

Test No.: 5
Date: ██/██/2005
Book Produced: The Bible
Printing Year: 1521
Notes: The book is in very bad condition. It is written in French.

Test No.: 6
Date: ██/██/2005
Book Produced: Title unknown
Printing Year: 1999
Notes: Book made of an unknown material. Written in a previously unseen language.

Test No.: 7
Date: ██/██/2006
Book Produced: "On Mount Golgotha" (SCP-012)
Printing Year: Unknown
Notes: The lights were immediately shut off. All personnel exposed to SCP-012 were given a mental screening. SCP-012 was returned to Site ██

As little of a chance there is that we will recieve another anomolous item from SCP-XXXX, I prefer we take no chances. No further testing is permitted for SCP-XXXX. -O5-█