Scp-unknown (The demon tie)

Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: due to the supernatural properties of this object the tie is placed in a 5x5 foot steel box with 15 mm Turrets placed around it to make sure no one goes nere, and needs to be monitored bye at least 3 personal for a least 8 hours a day.
Description: Scp-unknown is a black and white tie that seems to have abilities to possess any one who where it to become a mindless murder, killing anything that lives. Once Scp-unknown is finished with its subject it will proceed to drag them to the underworld. It also seems to have a effects of all personal within a 10 meter radius, making them feel paranoia, insomnia, and makes them see things that aren't there. After effected by SCP-UNKNOWN by either being in its radius or putting SCP-UNKNOWN on will soon wind up in the underworld. SCP-UNKNOWN seems to emit a substance known as [DATA EXPUNGED] once placed in Containment. SCP-UNKNOWN seems to have no effect on animals and other Scps just personal. It also seems to prefer specific people, like dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]who seems to be more pulled towards it and is now placed in his own Containment 200 miles away from SCP-UNKNOWN. Since SCP-UNKNOWN is so dangerous no longer are personal allowed near it, and it is now under 24 hour surveillance by camera. If you see anyone who cam into contact with Scp-unknown run for dear life!