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SCP-XXXX at time of recovery


Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept in a secure five by five (5x5) metre storage unit within Site-██.Standard video surveillance equipment, installed inside and outside ,is to monitor this unit at all times to prevent misuse or theft. Access to SCP-XXXX's storage unit requires the presence, or approval of at least two (2) personnel with level three (3) credentials. However No personnel of this clearance level orr above are to be allowed within the storage unit of the item to prevent the potential loss of valued staff or of sensitive information. Testing and access to SCP-XXXX by all personnel is allowed only at the discretion of site director-█████.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a 148 x 210 mm book of the [DATA REDACTED] brand, with a page count of sixty-two (62) sheets of paper, Showing minor signs of wear consistent with age. A total of three (3) symbols are present in a vertical column in the center of the object's front cover, these symbols do not correspond with any known language or written format. SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties manifest upon the spoken or mental request for information at a range of one point two (1.2) metres, within this distance the item will open to display a page with another example of the unknown symbols, typically compelling subjects to approach the item out of curiosity.

When held by any suitable subject the effect of SCP-XXXX begins to take hold almost immediately, with the individual who activated the item reporting an intense sensation of pain resonating from the cranium, although monitoring of test-subject vitals reveals no physical stimuli that would accompany such a reaction.The pain experienced by subjects appears to be only mental. After a single minute the symbol present on the displayed page of SCP-XXXX will fade and the item will close returning to an inactive state, remaining so for several minutes before its anomalous function can be utilized again.

Once the item has closed the ‘transfer’ appears to be complete , the subject receiving the total sum of the information they requested to learn, however the acquisition of this knowledge results in the reader of SCP-XXXX losing information in turn. Memories, preferences and in more severe cases, brain functions, can all be lost after reading the item.
The severity of these losses in memory or brain function seemingly are determined by what SCP-XXXX considers the equivalent value of the requested information. It is currently unknown if this is merely a function of the item or if SCP-XXXX is sapient and consciously determining the value of the information it ‘trades’ to what it takes from subjects.

Subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX for over three(3) times will become susceptible to the secondary effects of the item, with changes in their behavioral patterns, mood cycles and personality becoming readily apparent the longer they are subjected to the item. Affected persons gradually develop an obsession with SCP-XXXX stating they feel a compulsion to continue to read and learn more from it. At this stage physical restraint is often necessitated to prevent subjects from continuing to use the object. If kept from the item for a period of time, the obsessive behaviour of afflicted individuals will gradually wane as they undergo a state akin to that of drug withdrawal, behavioural patterns returning to pre-exposure norms over a varying period of time. If not kept restrained from the item the greater the change is to the personalities of the affected persons, with subjects declaring themselves the “scribes” of the item and actively attempting to sway other personnel into reading it. The longer subjects are left in this state the greater the security hazard posed by them becomes, with subjects beginning to gain info-hazardous knowledge of the foundation, knowledge of [DATA REDACTED] and beginning to create [DATA EXPUNGED] examples, marking them on any available surface.