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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be kept in a single spacious containment chamber, big enough for small-scale structures to be built. Multiple chambers should be kept available if the original chamber becomes too crowded for new structures to be built. The containment chamber must be kept at lighting of 40000 or greater lux on a perpetual basis. In the event of a power failure or large scale malfunction, a sprinkler system connected to a independent back-up generator is to be turned on and kept on until the issue can be resolved. Revision: As of incident XXXX-I-A, no human interaction is to be allowed except with approval from Level 3 Clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a group of currently 41 43 feline entities, hereby known as SCP-
XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-41-43. The exact breed and species of SCP-XXXX is unknown, but characteristics are similar to that of tigers and lions, at a much smaller size. No two specimens have the same pelt, with patterns and colors unusual for natural fur. There are no apparent genders in SCP-XXXX, and it is unknown if they can reproduce. Specimens make noises similar to a house cat at a much deeper pitch. Specimens will call loudly and repeatedly when they are hungry, but no other meaning has been found from their calls.

The specimens show extreme understanding of architecture and design, and will use materials they find to construct buildings, statutes, and other structures, with each individual specimen having a unique style. Specimens can reshape most raw materials into any shape that is needed. Materials SCP-XXXX has shown preference for is: marble, plastic, malleable metals, wood, granite, and glass, but it has used most materials provided to it. Specimens do not need to drink water for survival, and if exposed to water they will become agitated and move to their builidngs for shelter. When specimens are exposed to light just above 10000 lux, their movement is sluggish, and the specimens appear to be in pain. This affect lessens as lux is increased, up to 40000 lux where they appear to no longer suffer. When exposed to lux less than 10000, each specimen's muscles appear to freeze, including the heart. It is unknown how they can still survive during this state. If one is approached during this state, the specimen will jump at and attack the closest person, followed by all other specimens resuming movement and attacking as well. Above 10000 lux, they appear to be completely harmless. (See Addendum Test XXXX-9).

SCP-XXXX was brought into Foundation captivity on ██/██/████ when reports that a Peruvian woman hiking through the ██████ rain-forest spotted "green and purple tigers". Foundation investigators were dispatched, and in 37 hours an enclave containing wooden spires and SCP-XXXX was discovered. Many specimens of SCP-XXXX were observed cutting down trees and building more spires and other wooden structures. Traps were set and within 3 days all specimens were captured and sent to Site-███. The wooden spires were destroyed, as they were too large to move, had no apparent anomalous properties, and posed a risk of security from possible discovery by natives of the region.

Addendum Test XXXX-9: Three D-Class personnel supervised by Dr. ███ were sent into SCP-XXXX's chamber carrying various amounts of metal and plastic to analyze the various building styles of SCP-XXXX and determine if there are any similarities to real world cultures and their architecture. The materials were placed nearby a gathering of 15 specimens. Immediately, all but one of the specimens began taking plastic from the pile and started constructing large towers of plastic. SCP-XXXX-9, the only one not building, stood there and stared at the D-Class. After approximately two minutes, SCP-XXXX-9 walked up to the group of D-Class, and began rubbing it's face against the leg of D-Class-6549, making what was described as a "deep purring" by D-Class-9076. D-Class-2227 then bent over and started stroking the body of SCP-XXXX-9. All three D-Class appeared to be smiling and laughing. Exactly two minutes after SCP-XXXX-9 first approached the group, D-Class-6549 reported feeling nauseous, and almost immediately began vomiting. Immediately after, D-Class-2227 collapsed to the ground grasping at his throat and coughing. D-Class-9076, who had been close to the structures taking measurements as instructed by Dr. ███, heard the coughing and ran to assist the other two D-Class. D-Class-6549 and 2227 began swelling quickly, approaching double their volume in 30 seconds. D-Class 9076 ran for the exit when he noticed this. After 60 seconds had passed since the beginning of the swelling, the stomachs of D-Class 6549 and 2227 burst with a large volume of blood coating the portion of the containment they were in. In the place of their bodies were two young forms of SCP-XXXX, licking themselves clean of blood. SCP-XXXX was immediately reclassified to Euclid following this discovery and stricter access to SCP-XXXX was instated. See XXXX-Test Log-1 for a list of tests performed before reclassification and XXXX-Test Log-2 for a lit of tests performed after.