SCP-2832, in appearance, is a formation a 12 white office envelopes, each containing a letter to twelve people from an unnamed entity calling it's self "Bigglis". The letters were collected in May 23, 1992 and sent into containment by the twelfth victim, Donald Rammas, who died earlier that week from multiple stab wounds in his [REDACTED], and third-degree burns, suggesting he was murdered. The other eleven to receive a letter of the mysterious Bigglis were found in similar state, each of they're bodies being found in different parts of the globe. Multiple Class D Personnel have been forced to open the letter, but the envelopes had an unsettling property, in which the letter would change who it was to, resulting in the name of the individual people made to open the letter. Each person who had read the letter were found that week in their cells in similar fashion to Donald Rammas.