Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-XXX before containment.

Special Containment Procedures: Site 2██-█ is constructed around SCP-XXX. A 3 meter high fence is to surround the area 15 meters from SCP-XXX.
At least 15 security personnel are to maintain the perimeter around Site 2██-█. An additional 4 security personnel are to maintain the area in and around the fence surrounding SCP-XXX. MTF Echo-15 (Silver Knights) is to be stationed on site for the containment of any SCP-XXX-1-A or -3 instances.

Due to the destructive potential of SCP-XXX-1 and -3, anyone attempting to enter or leave the site without proper authorization are to be taken into Foundation custody and questioned, after which they are to be administered a Class-A amnestic if necessary.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small brick structure with a single window and a small chimney. The inside of the structure is far larger the the outside would suggest. Inside is a room similar to that of a 14th century european alchemy lab. The building and the items within seem to be resistant to aging. SCP-XXX-1-A, -2, and -3 are objects that reside within SCP-XXX and consist of:


Symbol found on SCP-XXX-1-A.

  • SCP-XXX-1-A: A glass vial approximately 12 cm tall, 1.5 cm in diameter, and 0.35 cm thick weighing approximately 182 grams with a large cork stopper and red wax seal. The alchemical symbol for mercury can be seen on the side of the vial, however it has been labeled as "Quicksilver". When opened the liquid within acts very akin to the element mercury, but emits a faint silver glow when in contact with living organisms. Attempts to examine the chemical nature of SCP-XXX-1-A have revealed it to be approximately 60% methylmercury, while the remaining 40% is an unidentifiable compound.
  • SCP-XXX-1-B: Any sapient organism that has ingested, been injected with, or otherwise absorbed SCP-XXX-1-A. They are capable of healing at an extremely accelerated rate and thus are nearly impossible to destroy by conventional means. The only method proven to be effective in neutralizing theses instances is waiting for them to expire.

Note: The use of high caliber machine guns has proven effective in containing these instances.

  • SCP-XXX-2: A stone furnace located in the southeast corner of SCP-XXX. It exhibits its unusual properties when a piece of lead is placed inside and the furnace is ignited. While inside the lead has been observed to melt into a white hot liquid that appears to "swirl" while inside the furnace. When taken out and cooled it becomes a piece of gold with a mass identical to the original piece of lead.

One of the Active circles found in SCP-XXX-3.

  • SCP-XXX-3: A large leather-bound book consisting of various Alchemy Circles and instructions for using them. The circles will only transmute, or change, materials when the circle is drawn in white chalk on a flat surface. There are 50 circles depicted in the book, 47 of the circles do not produce any known effect, these are referred to as Inactive. The remaining 3 circles are referred to as Active, as they will glow once completed. Once active they will transmute any material placed within them into something that is of identical mass and composition. The means by which it does this is unknown.

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Addendum: As of Test XXX-1 D and Test XXX-3 C, testing of SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX-3 with sapient organisms is only to be conducted with permission of Research Director, Dr. I████████ and within a high security testing site.