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Item #: SCP-3190

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
All instances of SCP-3190-1 are to be kept in individual locked steel containers measuring 10×10×10 centimeters in a storage facility inside Site ██. Access to samples of SCP-3190-1 is limited to personnel with Level 3 security clearance or higher. Any personnel other than D-Class test subjects caught ingesting SCP-3190-1 will be terminated.

SCP-3190 is an entity that manifests itself while under the influence of SCP-3190-1, a substance sold as a street drug in [REDACTED], Thailand. It is sold under the name [REDACTED], and is extremely toxic. Its outward appearance is a dark brown glob that looks similar to burnt sugar. Its texture is similar to a chewy candy and its chemical composition is unknown. It has no distinct smell. All subjects who have ingested instances of SCP-3190-1 all describe different tastes, ranging from motor oil to soy sauce.

 Upon ingesting SCP-3190-1, subjects (refered to as SCP-3190-2) appear normal for about 5 minutes before violently convulsing and passing out, some subjects even vomiting profusely. About an hour after losing consciousness, SCP-3190-2 wakes up and appears perfectly fine. When asked about what happened, SCP-3190-2 will usually respond by explaining that they were simply taking a nap.

Over the next four months, SCP-3190 begins to manifest itself in the presence of SCP-3190-2. SCP-3190 is an amoprhous entity that usually appears as a silhouette  of other known and unknown entities. Its most commom forms are SCP-███, SCP-████, and an unknown entity resembling a large arachnid. SCP-3190 mimics the behaviors and mannerisms of its chosen entity. While SCP-3190 is not lethal, and in fact not physical, it usually results in extreme paranoia and suicidal thoughs and tendencies in SCP-3190-2. In most cases, this ultimately results in SCP-3190-2 commiting suicide.

SCP-3190 was discovered by undercover field agents implanted in [REDACTED]'s police force during a drug raid on a local gang in 2011. Large quantities of SCP-3190-1 along with numerous instances of SCP-3190-2 were discovered. MTF Beta-7 (Maz-Hatters) was dispatched to track down and contain all samples of SCP-3190-1 in the area. The instances of SCP-3190-2 and all witnesses were administered Class-A amnesiacs and relocated to [REDACTED], Thailand.

Test 3190-1 - 08/23/2011
Experiment 3190-1 is headed by Dr.████████. Its purpose is to test the immediate and long-term effects of SCP-3190-1.

Subject: D-4796, male, age 21 years. Convicted of matricide.

D-4796 is sat at a table in a standard testing area across from Dr.████████ with a steel box
containing a sample of SCP-3190-1 sat between them.

Dr.████████: D-4769, please open the box and place its contents on the table in front of > > you.

D-4796 complies and places the sample of SCP-3190-1 on the table.

D-4796: What is this stuff, Doc? Looks disgusting.

Dr.████████: Please describe its smell and taste.

D-4796: You expect me to eat this?

Dr.████████: Yes. Now please, describe its taste and smell.

D-4796 complains and reluctantly complies.

D-4796: It doesn't smell like anything. Tastes like… Like coffee grounds.

Dr.████████: Thank you, D-4796.

Several minutes pass before D-4796 starts to violently convulse. This continues for two minutes before D-4796 collapses on the floor and loses consciousness. He regains consciousness after about an hour.

** Dr.████████:** D-4796, please describe what you just experienced.

D-4796: What do you mean? I was just taking a nap.

After further interview, D-4796 appears to have no memory of the previous incident. He is sent for debrief and his behavior is monitored for the next two weeks. Subject shows signs of increased paranoia which worsen over time. Interviews with D-4796 describe being followed by a silhouette that changes each time it manifests itself. After the two week monitoring period, D-4796 is administered a Class-A amnesiac. D-4796 shows no further signs of paranoia and SCP-3190 does not manifest itself to him afterwards.