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lying gods cry and whisper, for the child is gone


SCREAM for I AM Gone

Operation 1318-REVA-RED Requires 04 Level Clearance

Any personnel attempting to access the file without proper psychic inoculation are subject to civilian grade Psychohazards.

All Inoculation Agianst Psychohazardous Attacks Will Be Colored Blue

Item #: SCP-2571

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The population of Containment Area-16 will need to be evacuated, relocated, and provided Class-Psi Amnestics1 in order to avoid public knowledge of SCP-2571. Television coverage will heavily be monitored to avoid further broadcast of SCP-2571. Social media will also be heavily monitored through Foundation maintained Web Crawlers to avoid further complications through the spread of SCP-2571-A. Memetic Class-Psi Amnestics will be administered to all civilians who have witnessed SCP-2571 and any phenomena thus related to SCP-2571 through social media and other forms of media. Pyschohazardous forms of media relating to SCP- 2571 will be incinerated. Every trace of the original location of SCP-2571 is to be deleted and stored in intra-foundation archives.

A major section of Containment Area-16 will be blocked off to avoid civilian contact with SCP-2571. trespassers are to be interrogated and then administered Class-B amnestics.

The section that SCP-2571 occupies will be blocked off using reinforced rebar concrete. The original location of Containment Area-16 shall be immediately concealed under a structure composed of reinforced rebar concrete and several molybdenum-steel reinforced pillars are to provide a barrier for SCP-2571.

Construction personnel at Containment Area-16 are to be tested against Philomena Psychic Vulnerability Clusters2. Under no circumstances are the researchers and workers in and around Containment Area-16 to have a Psychic resistance level of under 6.23 escudos3.

Due to structural limits, and the size of SCP-2571, full containment of SCP-2571 will not be feasible. SCP- 2571 will need to be sequestered within the original location of the containment area and all civilians will need to be evacuated in a period of a Week. Inoculation against psychic attacks is required to enter Sector-0 of Containment Area-16.

10 instances of non-hostile SCP-2571-1 will be placed in containment chambers and held in place through the use of a restraining bed. All other hostile instances of SCP-2571-1 will be terminated and dissected for study.

Description: SCP-2571 is an organism occupying up to 40% of ████, California. Biological testing has shown many genetic similarities to several SCPs in containment such as [LEVEL 4/XXX Clearance Needed]. Subjects viewing SCP-XXX will report that SCP-XXX appears vaguely annelid in form, often reporting that SCP-XXX-1 appears like "A giant worm mixed with a spider". Reports claim that SCP-XXX appears to be undulating and seems to be attempting to escape its containment barrier. Some reports of SCP-XXX seem to imply that SCP-XXX is creating a silk-like shell around its exterior, however, due to the psycho-hazardous nature of SCP-XXX, these reports are unverified.

The effects of SCP-XXX on individuals with a psychic resistance level of the specified amount will only report the feelings of melancholy when viewing an instance of media relating to SCP-XXX. On rarer occasions individuals will report the feeling of " seeing the blue" however, subjects cannot report what the feeling is exactly.

Viewing SCP-XXX will cause severe emotional distress, and viewing an instance of SCP-XXX-A w

Addendum XXX-1: SCP-XXX-A

SCP-2571 has a psycho-memetic4 effect on any individuals with a psychic resistance level of below 6.23 escudos, causing any individual viewing any media created of SCP-2571 to become obsessed with collecting instances of media related to SCP-2571. Any instances of media regarding SCP-XXX will be referred to as SCP-XXX-A.

Addendum 2571-2: SCP-2571-1 Instances of SCP-2571-1 are individuals who have undergone severe mutations through direct contact with SCP-2571. Instances of SCP-XXX-1 have been recovered with the following alterations:

  • Multiple limbs
  • Foreign objects embedded within SCP-2571-1
  • Level 3 reality bending abilities
  • Telepathic abilities.

Some instances of SCP-2571-1 will attempt to seek out subjects who have not seen or heard any media regarding SCP-XXX. SCP-2571-1 will then attempt to communicate the knowledge of SCP-XXX-1 through either direct communication or through telepathy. Testing has noted that instances of SCP-XXX-1 can communicate with subjects from up to 6 meters away.

Addendum 2571-3: Descriptions of SCP-XXX-1

Instance of SCP-XXX-1 Notable Mutations Recovery Log
SCP-XXX-1-1 (In Containment) SCP-XXX-1-1 is a juvenile child. SCP-XX-1-1 claims to be in contact with SCP-XXX-1-1 cell-content
SCP-XXX-1-2 SCP-XXX-1-2 is a mass of biological matter that is comprised of several humans and several instances of felines and canines. SCP-XXX-1-2 will absorb these creatures if placed in direct contact of SCP-XXX-1-2. Direct knowledge of SCP-XXX-1-2 will cause subjects to become compelled to bring instances of stray animals to SCP-XXX-1-2 for the purpose of feeding it and causing it to grow in size. SCP-XXX-1-2 was recovered in an abandoned warehouse chained to the floor, investigations revealed that several individuals have been collecting animals to feed to SCP-XXX-1-2. Among the items recovered were several deformed humanoids labeled as instances of SCP-XXX-1-2-A. An interview with SCP-XXX-1-2-A is available: Here.
SCP-XXX-1-4 (ERROR: DATA NOT FOUND) SCP-XXX-1-4 has no mutations at all, none exist SCP-XX-1-4 never has and never will exist why, why… why…. SCP-XXX-4 will cause extreme emotional distress in subjects trying to describe SCP-XXX-1-4, SCP-XXX-1-4 is a female of Native American Origin no mutations as of yet have been identified other than its psycho-hazardous effects on meta-data SCP-XXX-1-4 was recovered inside a building scheduled for demolition after the manifestation of SCP-XXX-1-4. SCP-XXX-1-4 made no attempts at escaping containment and allowed itself to be contained
SCP-XXX-1-6 (Neutralized) SCP-XXX-1-6 has multiple torsos and multiple heads, each head appears to be conscious with each head requesting immediate termination. SCP-XXX-1-6 was able to communicate telepathically as well as being able to telekinetically affect the colors of any object from a distance of up to 3 meters away. Among several objects embedded within SCP-XXX were several aerosol paint cans. SCP-XXX-1-6 was recovered after a civilian containment breach of Containment Area 16. SCP-XXX-1-6 was discovered chanting in an unknown language and did not attempt to attack security personnel during containment
SCP-XXX-1-8 (as of yet uncontained) SCP-1-8 is a cephaopod-like entity that appears to be able to phase through solid objects and can become invisible to the naked eye. Containment is difficult due to SCP-XXX-1-8's ability to escape most containment units created to contain incorporeal entities. SCP-XXX-1-8 was discovered feeding on a dismembered corpse of D-XXX-13, it appears docile and did not evade capture for the time being. It escaped containment soon after and its whereabouts are as of yet unknown.

Recovery Log: Presently, it is unknown how SCP- 2571 had been able to appear in a largely populated area without foundation attention.

The first reports of SCP-XXX appeared during 12:30 PM, ██/██/1999 in which several local news outlets began reporting on a "Bizzare News Installation". 2 Hours later, several news reports began reporting on the size of SCP-XXX, with several instances of SCP-XXX-1 being spread throughout social media.

The knowledge of SCP-XXX was not contained after 3 hours, during which the department of disinformation began to spread instances of memetic Class-Psi amnestics to the population.

Over the course of 2 hours, SCP-2571 was able to demolish several buildings and structures near and around Containment Area-16 through the use of its large mass. Over ███ deaths were reported to have been caused by the sudden materialization of SCP-2571. SCP-2571 also has been observed attempting to consume nearby structures through the use of tendrils located on its surface.

This footnote is a test5

DoritosQuest2k17 Blaze that Noscope 360

(the below is not needed for reviewing purposes although critique on the interview is incredibly appreciated)

150% of current size[

  • "Nephil" is derived from Nephilim, which means "Off-Spring of God"
  • This is a baby.
  • A child looking for something, and getting lost.
  • Blue is the color of sadness
  • and the article contains an unknown Psycho-Hazard
  • Psychological as in Psychic, not memetic
  • Memetic/Psychic hazard ?

for reviewing purposes, this isnt part of the SCP yet

Dr. Rodrigez: How are you feeling today?

SCP-XXX-A: Scared.

Dr. Rodrigez: Scared?, how?

SCP-XXX-A: The whispering is getting stronger

Dr. Rodrigez: Whispering?, can you tell me what are they whispering?

SCP-XXX-A: They shapes, the smells inside my head…it feels wro- No… Bad hooman… I… me sad.

Dr. Rodrigez: SCP-XXX-A, are you feeling alright?

SCP-XXX-A attempts to break free of restraints and attempts to violently gesture towards Dr.Rodrigez

SCP-XXX-A: NO !, BAD HUMAN, …or you good human ?

SCP-XXX-A appears to calm down

Dr. Rodrigez: er, yes me good human ?, SCP-XXX-A why are you speaking like that ?

SCP-XXX-A: Me break free, this good human, wanted to look, me sorry for good small human, this good hooman, I go into hooman mind…hooman let me.. me.. sad hooman that hooman in not okay.

It appears at this moment that SCP-XXX has take possesion of SCP-XXXX-A

Dr. Rodrigez: SCP-XXXX ?

SCP-XXX-A: You call me by number by name…. me SCP-XXXX ?…then who you human ?…what is rune symbol on your shirt ?

Dr. Rodrigez: I am Dr. Xosue Rodrigez of the SCP Foundation and this is the Symbol of the SCP Foundation

SCP-XXX-A: You good hoomans ?

Dr. Rodrigez: We Secure Contain and Protect everyone from anomalous artifacts and entities from the bad peopl

SCP-XXX-A: So you protect me from other hoomans ?, from bad hoomans ?

Dr. Rodrigez: I am talking to SCP-XXXX, am I correct ?

SCP-XXX-A: Me in mind of good small who-man small human only want to play… me no understand what.. play means..

Dr. Rodrigez: I don't understand. who-man? do you mean Human?

SCP-XXX: Yes I mean Hu-man I not… hoo-man … not me… no..

Dr. Rogrigez: Then what brought you here to this place?

SCP-XXX-A: I got lost.. looking… for my [Unitelligible]

Dr. Rogrigez: Uguz-sa-min?, what do you mean?

SCP-XXX-A*: My [Unitelligble] lost..I …lost.. without… I lost

Dr. Rogrigez: Why do you need this "Object"?

SCP-XXX-A: Hooman don't know… Human don't know loss.. or hooman does know ? Good human might understand

Dr. Rodrigez: Yes, it's okay, I can listen

SCP-XXX-A: They angry…at me… I lost.. me..me..sad … me.. sad.. quiet..

The Heart Rate of SCP-XXX-A appears to spike during this time.

SCP-XXX-A: They said 'You [Unitelligble] you…go find [Unintelligible]

SCP-XXX-A's internal body heat appears to spike as well

Dr. Rodrigez: SCP-XXX-A are you okay?, do you need help?

SCP-XXX-A appears to cry

SCP-XXX-A: Can't can't I.. Can't … Why..why did…they…leave….. Im sorry !, Mothhherss why did why…you-

SCP-XXX-A goes into cardiac arrest

Dr. Rodrigez: SCP-XXX-A ?

SCP-XXX-A: Makes wheezing noises

SCP-XXX-A: Gone as the face of death.

SCP-XXX-A: 13 Queens and 13 Headed Dragons



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<Ehksidian>: With "without foundation attention" implies the Foundation /still/ doesn't know about it.
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<Ehksidian>: "Two hours later, several news outlets began to report on the size of SCP-XXX. Numerous instances of SCP-XXX-1 began to appear on social media at this time as well."
<Ehksidian>: Or simply "Two hours later, several local news outlets began reporting on the anomaly as instances of SCP-XXX-1 began to appear and spread through social media."
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An image taken at close proximity to SCP-XXX, note the stronger distortion within the image.

Gay shipping trash

Legate Trunnion took her brass hands and softly stroked Saint Hedwig's porcelain smooth cheek, her gears clicking rapidly and her eyes shone a pale pink, her expression of embarrassment was plainly obvious.

"I-I-I Don't know how to say this, sister Hedwig"

Saint Hedwig took Legate Trunnion's hand and held them in her own.

"You do not need to say a thing, for what once was a broken, is now whole"

She smiled, with her coolant fans spinning faster than ever. Her face flushed with emotion.

they smonched and got married

and then they adopted a baby and the end

Chelsea press her face against the ribcage of SCP-spooky-j.

"Im sorry we can't be together, no one will accept our love :/"

Spooky-J gently laid his arms around Chelsea.

"do you think I give a flying fuck about what everyone else thinks?, no fuck those cunt sucking assholes, a teen can fall in love with a skeleton, and thats mutherfucking beautiful man"