SCP-3751 (The island at point Nemo)

Object Class - Euclid

Special containment procedures:

SCP- 3751 cannot be contained due to the nature of it, instead a 15-kilometre quarantine zone is to be placed around SCP - 3751, this zone is to be patrolled by foundation Corvettes and submarines, any civilian Vessel found within the quarantine zone is to be boarded, any crew inside are to be detained, questioned and administered class C amnestics as well as being observed by foundation personnel for 7 days. If met with aggression, Foundation Personnel are authorised to use force, any surviving Hostiles are to be terminated. Due to SCP – 3751 's ability to move via tides and wind. The is an inevitability of SCP – 3751 drifting towards land masses, to avert this SCP 3751 must be kept at least 50KM from any coast. To achieve this a Floating Jetty is to be kept within proximity to SCP - 3751, This jetty is to house a fleet of foundation Tug boats used to pull the island away from any land mass. No Fauna is allowed within 1KM of SCP - 3751. and should be terminated on sight.


SCP-3751 Is a Floating landmass comprised of an Organic material with a 95.3% DNA match to that of human tissue. SCP - 3751 is inhabited by entities made of the same material as SCP-3751 itself at a steady population of 500, these are to be referred to as SCP-3751-1-X. SCP-3751-1 Have been observed to have a steady population of 500. SCP-3751 is approximately 2KM long and 1.5KM wide and is roughly circular in shape with many offshoots ranging from 3-500M, as well as a large hole in the centre, now to be referred to as SCP-3751-2. SCP-3751-1 has been recorded to come in various forms, all observed instances of SCP-3751-1 are listed here:

SCP-3751-1-A is a quadruped organism roughly 2M long and 1M tall. Each side of SCP-3751-1-A has a slit down it lined with what appears to be teeth, these slits act as SCP-3751-A's mouths. They have been observed to be hostile to all foundation personnel. SCP-3751-1-A has been observed to have an intelligence like that of a dog, their method of attack so far is to charge personnel, knocking them over and then attempting to rip the throat of their victim, this method of attack seems to be ineffective as SCP-3751-1-A tends to fail in killing their victim through this method. Unfortunately for personnel SCP-3751-1-A travels in packs and often tramples their prey to death anyway. they have been shown to be resistant to low calibre bullets as well as blunt force trauma.
Current population - 30

Researcher’s note ██/██/████:
When SCP-3751 was first acquired by the foundation in ██/██/1949 this was the only instance of SCP-3751-1 on the island, however the during containment breach of ██/██/████, When SCP-3751 was floated to the coast of [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-3751-1-A was shown to bring corpses of dead fauna back to SCP-3751, this points to instances of SCP-3751-1 being loosely based off non-anomalous animals, Tests have proved that all instances of SCP-3751-1 exhibit this hunter-gatherer behaviour.
SEE: Test No. 3A, 5B.

SCP-3751-1-B is humanoid in form, except for SCP-3751-1-B's arms which are elongated to the point of being unwieldy. because of SCP-3751-1-B's unusually large arms, SCP-3751-1-B cannot effectively use their legs, this leads to SCP-3751-1-B having two methods of movement, approximately 66% of SCP-3751-1-B will walk using their arms in a fashion like many apes. the other 33% simply drags themselves along the ground, this significantly slows these instances of SCP-3751-1-B down making them effectively harmless. It is unknown what causes these instances to crawl, although some researchers believe it is to do with the IQ of the D-class, others believe it is due to how the D-class were killed. however, what is known is that those who are effective in combat, have shown an aptitude in guerrilla warfare, often ambushing D-Class as well as research parties by springing out of ditches as well as off ledges. Although more susceptible to firearms than SCP-3751-1-A, SCP-3751-1-B is far smarter and more dangerous
Current Population: 450-490

Researcher’s note ██/██/████:
Because of SCP-3751-1-B's tendency to attack from hiding all research parties are to be equipped with thermal imaging equipment.
SCP-3751-1-B was accidentally created for the first time when a group of D-Class personnel were put on SCP-3751 to see how SCP-3751-1-A would react, SCP-3751-1-A trampled 2 D-Class and managed to Kill the third via lacerations to the throat and head, causing serious damage to the brain.
SEE test No. 3A

SCP-3751-1-C is a non-combative instance of SCP-3751-1, It is a large bird like organism, although being equipped for combat with talons and sharp beaks, they will retreat, soon after leaving visual range of foundation personnel a large force of SCP-3751-1 will attack, this has led to the assumption that SCP-3751-1-C acts as a scout for the deadlier instances of SCP-3751-1. SCP-3751-1-C is very weak, because of this any SCP-3751-1-C is to be terminated before it can rouse a larger party of SCP-3751-1.
current population: 10-20

Head Researcher’s note ██/05/████
SCP-3751-1-C was created during the containment breach of ██/██/████, every single time we let this damn island drift towards land we could be looking at another containment breach, because of this I have ordered SCP-3751 to be towed to point nemo in the pacific, the farthest place from any land. This should save us a whole lot of trouble, I have also made a request to attempt to tether SCP-3751 to the ocean floor but O5 is yet to allow this, hopefully they will get off their asses and hurry up.
The synergy shown between SCP-3751-1 is disturbing, with each new entry SCP-3751-1 becomes a more effective force, if another containment breach was to occur it could lead to an GH-class Dead Greenhouse event or RK- restructuring scenario as if unsuccessfully contained SCP-3751 could produce all manners of horror. I am postponing all testing of SCP-3751 for the foreseeable future as we cannot allow new variants of SCP-3751-1 to be created, Because of our tests we have given SCP-3751 effective foot soldiers. This will mean cancelling the Operation 03 but that's a compromise I’m willing to take.
See Test No. 5B
See Operation No. 03

-Test Log-

-Test - 3A -
DESCRIPTION - 3 D-Class are to be put on SCP-3751 and are to observe and record SCP-3751-1-A in their natural habitat.
RESULT - All D-Class KIA, Instances of SCP-3751-1-B Appeared in small numbers and began to overtake SCP-3751-1-A in population numbers.

-Test 4G-
DESCRIPTION- An instance of SCP-3751-1 would be captured and taken off SCP-3751 to be tested on
RESULT - Upon Leaving SCP-3751 and other instances of SCP-3751-1, the instance of SCP-3751-1-B ceased vital life functions.
-Test 6H-
DESCRIPTION- A single D-Class is to be equipped with Climbing equipment, 2 Type A parachute Flares, Standard recording and remote observation equipment, standard issue low light monocular vision device as well as a standard foundation issue Personal Defence Weapon and 3 magazines of tracer rounds. The D-Class is to be escorted to SCP-3751-2 by a small security contingent equipped with incendiary weapons as well as thermal imaging equipment. The D-Class is to repel down the side of SCP-3751-2 and to attempt to reach the bottom.
RESULT – The Security Contingent managed to reach SCP-3751-2 without casualties, D-67391 was successful in reaching the bottom of SCP-3751-2, The following is a transcription of D-67391 during the test:

“ I am starting my decent. “
D-67391 can be hurt grunting as they attempt to get a foothold.
“ The wall of the hole is made of the same meat as the ground but is way warmer”
D-67391 looks down
“the are entrances around the hole, should I go in one?”

“negative, your job is to reach the bottom, now get on it”

D-67391 continues their descent,.
Screeching is heard below.
D-67391 looks below.
An Instance of SCP-3751-1-B is seen climbing up towards D-67391.
D-67391 fires a burst of 7 rounds into SCP-3751-1-B.
D-67391 damages one of SCP-3751-1-B’s arms, causing it to lose balance and fall down the pit,
Audio sensors pick up an impact sound.
D-67391 comes within visual range of the floor.
The instance of SCP-3751-1-B is seen to have been crippled but still to be active
D-67391 fires a Burst of 4 bullets at SCP-3751-1-B, neutralising it.
“I see something, A body, no hold on the are a few of them,”
D-67391 walks into a room containing a circle of 6 dismembered corpses in a circular shape around a book

“D-67391, Grab the book and extract, you’ve done good work today”
D-67391 does as is asked and the team extracts with no losses.

-Operation Log-
-Operation 01-
Description - [DATA EXPUNGED]
-Operation 02-
REASON – We have seen that new fauna introduced to SCP-3751 can be replicated to some extent, we do not yet know if this applies to anomalous entities, sending in SCP – 2096 could lead to an instance of SCP -3751-1 with reality-bending effects.
-Operation 03-
DESCRIPTION - Tether SCP-3751 to the ocean bed to keep it from drifting.

Addendum 01
The book recovered by D-67391 was of Neo-Sarkic decent specifically of Adytum’s Wake, The book contains instructions on how to act out many Ceremonies and sacrifices, It seems That SCP-3751 was created in an attempt to gain power via cannibalism, Each member would feast on the flesh of that on the right of them whilst themselves being eaten by the member on the left of them. This was done in the presence of an anomalous item referred to in the book as the ‘Flesh Nexus’ The item was no longer present when D-67391 reached the book, however it is theorised that it is the cause of SCP-3751’s existence.