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The back of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a passcode locked safe in Site-19. No personnel below Level 3 security clearance is allowed access to the item. No written material is allowed in SCP-XXXX's chamber or area around the chamber. Subjects who have previously read SCP-XXXX are to have their eyes surgically removed. If any sightings of a red robed man wandering the facility are reported. MTF Unit Lambda-5 "White Rabbits" is to be reported to the scene to capture and detain the man and the chamber of SCP-XXXX is to be put on lockdown. Testing is no longer allowed with SCP-XXXX due to what happened after the test with D-86332 (See Addendum B)

Description: SCP-XXXX is a singed hard cover book with the title, Agostinho et quod Aureum Machina and is approximately 1,360 pages long. The author and date published are unknown. When read, SCP-XXXX creates a effect that alters the reality around it.1
(see Addendum-A)

Occasionally a man wearing a red robe will appear on facility grounds and attempt to retrieve SCP-XXXX. the man claims to be sent by Deus Lux to retrieve SCP-XXXX from "the thieves". (See Addendum-C) The man is considered to be a threat to the facility and is to be captured and detained.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in ██████ ██████'s home in Little Rock, Arkansas due to a report of a mist passing through the southwestern area, which inexplicably left 10 people dead in the streets. It was said that the mist originated from ██████'s house. Dr. Wagner and Mobile Task Force Unit Lambda-5 "White Rabbits" were sent to the location. in the middle of retrieving SCP-XXXX, ██████ then proceeded to hold Dr. Wagner hostage and refused to hand over SCP-XXXX, claiming that she had an important client to give it to and was not planning on just handing it over. ██████ was terminated via hidden sniper.

Addendum-B: XXXX-001-B
A slip of paper was found lying in the chamber next to SCP-XXXX after testing. Dr. Normandy was found unconscious near the chamber. Some of the page was scribbled off, or drawn over with crudely drawn figures. Text salvaged from the page say:

We've reached civilization, overall it’s pretty empty just a few lamps here and there. The fact that there is any civilization in a place like this is fascinating. Although we can’t stay here for long, That man will find us and take us back to that temple. And I’m not going to talk about that again. -Normandy

We’ve gotten away from the lamps. We’ve lost 3 men from the attack. We are currently hiding in this cave. Just to hide from those things and the man. The farther away from them the better. -Normandy

I’ve made it back to the temple somehow. The man is not here. I need to get out of here before things go like last time. And I’m not going back to that city again either. As long as I can survive long enough to find a way back, I won’t have to deal with this shit ever again

The Aureum Machina has awakened. The temple violently shakes and a crack forms at the ground as the sound of screaming echoes across the temple. Wispy clouds are released into the air. The gate to Abyssus has been opened and all the souls are free. Deus Lux is delighted. An opening forms on the wall of the temple. Agostinho enters the opening as the souls follow him to wreak havoc across the sinner’s land. The book has been read and sinners will pay for what they have stole from our land. All who had defied the Deus Lux will have their revenge exacted on them.

All efforts to make Dr. Normandy talk have failed. The paper has been stored in Storage Area 46-A.

Addendum-C: Interview Log XXXX-001-C

Interviewed: Unknown

Interviewer: Dr. Wagner

Foreword: The red-robed man was found and captured near Sector ██. Dr. Wagner took him in for questioning

<Begin Log>

Dr. Wagner: State your name please

Unknown: The name's Agostinho.

Dr. Wagner: Alright Agostinho, why do you keep coming here?

"Agostinho": Well, I thought you would eventually connect the dots but I guess I'll elaborate. Someone wants the book back, and I have came here to get it for him.

Dr. Wagner: Who is this "someone" you speak of?

"Agostinho": I thought you would remember his name from that triangular stone incident. It's funny how easily you could forget that. It's Deus Lux, and big shocker he isn't happy with you, he doesn't really appreciate you misusing the book. or stealing it for the matter

Dr. Wagner: I can safely reassure you that we did not steal anything from you.

"Agostinho": Well you kinda did, you may not have been the original thieves but you did kill that one person who was supposed to give the book to me. Why did you do it?

Dr. Wagner: She held me at gunpoint, what were we supposed to do? Let her kill me?

"Agostinho": Well yes. the more I think about it this would have never had happened if you never came in the first place. I have been looking for this book for years. I've had to get it back from weird collectors, military regimes, and even nutjob religious cults. After all these years I would've had easy access to the book just for you to lock it up and hide it from me.

Dr. Wagner: Well Agostinho it's not my fault that we are doing this. We are only trying to keep the world safe. By the way there is another thing I want to know how does the book work?

"Agostinho": Why don't you ask your pal Normandy? He should know how it works considering he has seen it.

Dr. Wagner: You're the one in the interview. We aren't interviewing Normandy.

"Agostinho": Well I'll just say this, it requires sacrifice.

Dr. Wagner: Agostinho that is too-

"Agostinho": Who is this Agostinho you speak of? I've never heard such a name

Dr. Wagner: What? But you said at the beginning of the interview that-

"Agostinho": What interview? You never said this was an interview!

Dr. Wagner: It was and you just gave me information abo-

"Agostinho": I've never even talked to you! What the hell are you talking about?

Dr. Wagner: Now Listen-

"Agostinho": You seem to be having a rough time working here, maybe you just need a rest to put all that stress away

Dr. Wagner: What? What are you talking abou-

[Agostinho snaps his fingers and Dr. Wagner slumps backward in his chair]

"Agostinho": Heh, credulus.

[Agostinho snaps his fingers a second time before disappearing]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Wagner was found unconscious in the interview chamber. No traces of "Agostinho" were found. After recovery Dr. Wagner doesn't recall doing the interview or seeing "Agostinho". From now on if "Agostinho" is sighted he is to be detained and apprehended