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A flash drive containing an instance of SCP-3924

Item #: SCP-3924

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-3924 are to be acquired and stored on a standard 32 gb USB stick upon discovery and stored in a concrete, electromagnetically isolated room measuring 15 meters by 15 meters by 10 meters at Site 15. Any employees working at locations where SCP-3924 have manifested are to be administered anesthetics, along with their families and friends, and their social media accounts and texts are to be screened to ensure information of SCP-3924's existence does not spread. Personnel are permitted to view instances of SCP-3924 on the provided Personal Computer within the Containment Room, after which they are to document any changes, and be administered anesthetics. Flash drives containing instances of SCP-3924 are never to leave the Containment Room, nor are they to be transmitted to, or interfaced with, any devices other than the provided Personal Computer. Furthermore, the provided computer is not to be connected to any network, wireless or otherwise.

Description: SCP-3924 is a digitally manifesting anomaly taking several forms. The most common of these being a 2.8 meter tall, thin and sickly looking man, with blood pouring from his head and face. Other forms include a squat, thick haired creature with seven tentacles, a large one eyed raven, and a short woman with no face. These instances, and the others, are identified as the same due to recurrent scarring on the right arm or arm-like appendages, such as wings- on each form.

These creatures have yet to manifest physically, as far as Foundation investigation has uncovered. Thus far, SCP-3924 has only manifested itself within training videos created by Wal-Mart, intended to serve as introductions to the basic routines and expectations of working at a Wal-Mart. In that sense, the videos all seem to be consistent, in that they match up with other similar material, with the exception of the instances of SCP-3924. SCP-3924 will manifest in the background of these videos, usually partially obscured or facing away from the camera. Shortly thereafter, they will begin to take a very obvious position, replacing the standard Wal-Mart employees, or even being depicted mutilating their corpses. Those who view instances of SCP-3924 begin to experience hallucinations of the creature within a week, whether they took note of it or not.

Addendum 3924.1: Post Containment Effects
Within three weeks of being contained within Site 15, devices capable of storing video files began to receive instances of SCP-3924 videos. Anesthetics were administered to all personnel experiencing the effects of SCP-3924, and the flash drives were moved to an electromagnetically isolated room. Since then, the manifestations have stopped spreading, however several days later, manifestations matching the descriptions of the hallucinations began appearing within the containment room. These 'hallucinations' are not visible on camera, nor do they appear on any scans, nor are they capable of interacting in any way, and viewing them does not cause any of the normal symptoms of viewing the contents of SCP-3924. Because of this, they have been deemed non hazardous.

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