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SCP-XXX in its dormant state, prior to testing and subsequent containment.

Item #: SCP-xxx
Object Class: Safe Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is to be kept inside a Faraday cage, with a minimum of 3 nested cages, constructed from copper wiring of a minimum 12-gauge (6530 circular mil) thickness. There must be no more than a 5mm gap in the weave, and rubber insulation at least 20mm thick must be maintained between each successive cage, as well as 'wrapping' the item to prevent direct contact with the cage interior.

Sensors capable of detecting magnetic flux are to be placed in the interstitial space, and are to be constantly monitored by automated systems. At any indication that the item may start to extend its anomalous effect to affect the copper cages, further research must be performed, as copper is the only material to block the energy wave.

Description: SCP-xxx is a small cylindrical black stone, approximately 85mm long, and 10 mm in diameter, which appears similar to common artists charcoal, but has a physical texture like glass or quartz. The item seems resistant to damage, and several attempted tests on it have failed to retrieve significant samples for further analysis. Composition is difficult to analyse due to its anomalous effects.

The item extrudes a field that will change the properties of any conductive material to make it a perfect electrical insulator. Experiments have shown that most metals are affected- as is the nervous system of any creature within the field, which results in the paralysis and death of any body part exposed. The only material to be substantially unaffected is copper of minimum 80% purity.

The field in its natural state extends approximately 10mm from every surface of the object, and samples retrieved from the main body show the field remains directly proportional to their size. The object is also strongly [REDACTED], and it has proven difficult to extract samples from the item as it spontaneously [DATA EXPUNGED] retrieve any samples removed from it. Any samples returned to the main body in this manner will be found to have migrated to the damaged location and will, over a period of approximately 18 hours, [REDACTED] a single whole.
Further attempts to analyse the composition of the item is discouraged after event SCP-xxx-P.

SCP-xxx-A: During the intial transfer of the item into storage facility [CLASSIFIED], the anomalous effect activated and caused BLACKBAR casualties, including [REDACTED], the head researcher at the time. When performing retrieval, the cleanup team noted that one of the casualties solar-powered torches was still glowing, even though it would have been fully exposed to the effect. The item had fallen into a snowbank, and to date has been the only non-copper conductive object exposed to the effect to retain any conductivity. When retrieved, the torch swiftly lost all conduction, and became as inert as the other items affected.
Experiments with other solar powered items exposed to the effect have failed to replicate this result.

SCP-xxxP: After numerous attempts to extract a sample from the item, Dr BLACKBAR decided to try to exceed the items [REDACTED] recovery method, and began [REDACTED] the item with a great deal of force. The process successfully separated BLACKBAR grams of material from the main item, which were taken away with the intent of spectrographic analysis.
As the material was separated from SCP-xxx, the anomalous field began to expand at a rapid pace, and within a period of seconds had expanded to encompass a radius of over BLACKBAR metres. A massive magnetic energy spike exceeding BLACKBAR Teslas accompanied this effect, and caused near-nuclear-level EMP effects within [REDACTED], erasing all non-optical media at the location, causing the crash of BLACKBAR aircraft flying overhead, and is believed to have [REDACTED] earlier than expected reentry. The anomalous field effects resulted in the immediate deaths of all staff in that wing. It is believed that SCP-xxx would have continued to expand the field further, as [REDACTED] absorbed into the greater whole.

[Possibilities for appearance: Item looks like (Charcoal), (unknown broken piece of ceramic with unknown markings), (vacuum tube or similar ‘old-school’ electrical item)]

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