Note: This article was scrapped because of its (coincidental) similarities to SCP-085.



Item #: SCP-3041

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstance should any form of paper be allowed inside of SCP-3041’s containment chamber. Personnel are to leave their Key Cards and any documents they are carrying on them in a storage locker outside of the chamber.

SCP-3041 is currently contained in a piece of lined college-ruled paper, inside of a glass case with a key locked lid. The observation deck is to be guarded at all times by Level 2 personnel in the event that SCP-3041 attempts to destroy itself or breach containment. The chamber lights are to be active at all times, as SCP-3041 appears to become agitated by darkness and corrode its surroundings. SCP-3041-A is kept in a storage locker on the right side of the observation deck to SCP-3041.

Because of its unexplained ability to move to and from sheets of paper as a method of transportation, SCP-3041 is not allowed to be granted access to paper under any circumstance without permission from a containment specialist for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-3041 is an animate and sentient illustration of a humanoid being, roughly 2cm tall and 1cm wide, with the ability to speak fluent English and move around on pieces of paper, poster-board, cardboard, and any other surface that is conventionally used to be written on using pen, pencil, marker, etc. It was originally drawn on a math test being taken by a middle school student named ████ from Athens, Georgia. After being drawn, it became animate and began to reconfigure letters on the page to spell out messages saying “please let me out,” or “I want to get out.” After this was reported to the class teacher, Mr. ██████, the math test (later classified as SCP-3041-A) was transported to Foundation personnel and stored in Containment Facility ██.

SCP-3041 is able to exist and manifest on writable 2-dimensional surfaces. It possesses the ability to manipulate pen/pencil markings and can create objects with the same properties when given a pencil. It is somewhat conversational and usually dry and bored in tone, making sarcastic remarks to Foundation personnel.

SCP-3041 has made requests to obtain the following items from personnel:
A pencil. See Incident 3041-2.
A pen. Denied.
An eraser. Denied.
Access to SCP-3041-A. Denied.
A cell phone. Denied.
Paper. Denied.

At the time of writing, it is not known how SCP-3041 is able to move and communicate, as close research has proven that it shares the same chemical and physical composition to a regular illustration of nearly identical design and stature. Despite being sentient and somewhat friendly, SCP-3041 refuses to work with Foundation scientists and researchers, saying that it is “rude to conduct experiments on a living being with feelings.”


SCP-3402-A. Note the yellow decay effect.

SCP-3041-A: SCP-3041-A is the math test that serves as the origin to SCP-3041. It was printed on standard white printer paper, with the printed text in black ink. Some letters were displaced when SCP-3041 moved them to spell out the following messages: “plea5e 1et me 0ut,” “i want to get out,” “why cant / get ouT” [sic]. The displaced messages showed slight signs of deterioration, but not necessarily corrosion, as aged-yellow splotches seemed to take the place of the displaced letters and characters. SCP-3041 has made requests to visit SCP-3041-A, even stating “It’s existence is my salvation. Do not destroy it.” Because of this, testing on SCP-3041-A is limited, but the few tests to duplicate the creation of SCP-3041 have been unsuccessful.

Incident 3041-2: SCP-3041 asked the guard to his cell to give him a pencil. The guard sent a message to Dr. Beckman about the request, to which he gave the guard permission to one regular pencil as long as the chamber was sealed shut and monitored by another Level 2 scientist. When SCP-3041 obtained the pencil, it proceeded to pull it across the paper and drew another stick figure (later classified as SCP-3041-B1). Because it was poorly drawn, it could only limp around instead of move, and appeared to be mentally feeble as it could not speak and only make moaning noises and incoherent beeping. Its brain function seemed to only allow it to pace back and forth. After watching it move around for a bit, SCP-3041 said “It is in pain. Erase it.” After being observed for a few more minutes, showing no signs of growth or any anomalous effects, the guard erased SCP-3041-B1, and left the chamber.