Scp-XXX Object Class- Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
At it’s current length Scp-XXX can be kept on a wooden spool inside a 1 cubic meter (1m^3) wooden box within a 2 cubic meter stone chamber. At the top of the chamber, a light source (preferably bio-luminescent) should light the chamber. An embedded camera with no exposed wires should monitor the chamber at all times. The chamber must be as close to a perfect vacuum as possible to ensure that the box and spool do not get damaged by long term environmental effects, and to show a breach if one occurs.
Upon contact with any metallic wire, so long as it is an unconnected wire (see addendum) Scp-XXX should be transported to an incinerator to be extracted, and immediately transported to it’s proper containment cell, with appropriate protocols to ensure that any contact with Scp-XXX is in a controlled environment.
Upon contact with a connected wire, it is imperative that Scp-XXX-1 be under visual contact at all times. Protocol [redacted] should be initiated to prevent Scp-XXX from spreading to other wires, and protocol [redacted] should immediately take place to secure [data expunged]

Actions and manifestation of Scp-XXX-1
Upon contact with any form of wire, Scp-XXX will immediately infuse itself with the wire, lose some of its properties, and transmit some of it’s physical properties (see description appendix) to the wire, in which the wire becomes Scp-XXX-1. Scp-XXX-1 will infuse with any wire it comes into contact with, transferring the effects of Scp-XXX to the wire, elongating Scp-XXX-1. If Scp-XXX-1 is observed visually, such as with organic sight, cameras, or any other form of optical detection, Scp-XXX will not perform any actions other than infusing itself to Scp-XXX-1. Upon losing visual contact however, it tangles Scp-XXX-1 nearly instantly. The knots it forms are completely random, ranging from a “sheep bend” to “mast knots,” and even hundreds of overhand knots, regardless of the thickness or length of Scp-XXX-1. No known material can stop Scp-XXX-1 from becoming tangled, even if it has to break through substances to become tangled.

Scp-XXX itself is currently indestructible, as no known forms of destruction affect it. This allows for Scp-XXX to be extracted from Scp-XXX-1 by destroying Scp-XXX-1.

Scp-XXX is a piece of wire roughly the width of a human hair. Its length varies depending on the length of wire it has come into contact with previously. In lit areas, it is nearly undetectable, but in dark areas it emits a metallic glow. Tests have shown that it is a perfect conductor of electricity, has an undetectable coefficient of friction (currently frictionless by regular standards), and has infinite tensile strength. At its current length (15m), it weighs approximately 12 grams.

Appendix D:
Physical properties transferred: incredible durability to physical blows, incredibly high tensile strength, perfect conductivity
Properties lost by Scp-XXX: metallic glow in dark areas

Addendum 001- Log of Events

First Appearance
8-12-96: Scp-XXX came into contact, or manifested with [redacted]’s headphones. Due to the locality of the wire contaminated, this was not a severe issue. They reported that every time they so much as blinked, the wire connecting their headphones to their music player became “intricately tangled.” After [redacted] reported this to the authorities, protocol [redacted] was initiated and everyone involved in the incident, including [redacted] was contained, and if they didn’t comply with/agree to protocol [redacted], were immediately terminated. Scp-XXX was then transported to site [redacted].
Since all subjects of protocol [redacted] complied with demands, no terminations occurred.

[redacted] from site [redacted]
10-10-04: Scp-XXX came into contact with a well connected electrical wire, which became Scp-XXX-1 within site [redacted]. At the moment, extraction was not possible due to Scp-XXX infecting the entire site. A camera had visual contact with the wire, so Scp-XXX could not alter Scp-XXX-1. However, a trigger mechanism not foreseen by the sight’s overseer {terminated due to inadequacy} caused Scp-XXX-1 to come into direct contact with a wire connected to site [redacted]’s power source. Due to Scp-XXX’s ability to transfer it’s perfect conductivity, the generator started to experience severe feedback and quickly overheated, causing a mass power failure in site [redacted]. Subsequently, the camera observing Scp-XXX failed, and personnel [redacted]. Immediately, Scp-XXX attempted to alter Scp-XXX-1. Personnel who survived the incident reported an “ominous cracking noise coming from inside the walls.”

Site [redacted] suffered a class [redacted] due to [data expunged] and several [redacted] occurred, resulting in activation of [redacted]. All [redacted] were [data expunged] and [data expunged]. Scp-XXX-1 was found in [redacted], and was transferred immediately to site [redacted] for proper containment.

Current Location:
Scp-XXX is currently kept within its recommended containment procedures and poses no threat to [redacted]