SCP-2902 draft
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Item #: SCP-2902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2902 is to be contained in a low light level container composed of any non-flammable material. The light level is required to be a level of 10−3 cd/m² or below, and a light source must be placed in every corner of the container. When personnel enter the container, they are required to have two pairs latex gloves equipped, and must be wearing eye wear, such as glasses so that direct eye or skin contact is not made with SCP-2902.

Description: SCP-2902 is a humanoid male with abnormal extensions of the arms, legs, and torso averaging at a length of 1½ meters, a cut from the lips up along the cheeks that have become infected, but does appear to heal when medicine is used, and luminescent eyes. SCP-2902 must be checked on a regular basis due to the fact that it's body is decaying, this is because of a lack in blood flow. SCP-2902 is extremely sensitive to light, due to dilation of the pupils; when under a light level of 10−3 cd/m² or below SCP-2902 will not move (reason for this is unknown). If the light level goes over this level, then SCP-2902 will become extremely active (moving/slightly aggressive behavior), and will shut down any electrical equipment within a 20 meter radius through a pulse of electricity produced within SCP-2902, so that the light level will be lowered.

If direct eye or skin contact is made with SCP-2902, its eyes will brighten to a point of blinding all personnel in the area, and it will produce a high frequency sound that triggers fear in most living entities. When these effects subside, the subject that made direct eye contact or skin contact is no longer within a general radius of area 12.

Only known origin of SCP-2902 is recorded in a book found in its container with the title "Hailed: God of Insanity." This book describes that SCP-2902 was known as "Hailed: the god of insanity" (pronounced Hail-ed), and was originally the brother of Hades (Greek god of the underworld) but attacked Zeus and was placed in an unbreakable cell in the center of the earth, where his skin was burned, and his eye were scolded to a point of glowing. It then describes that he escaped around 200 years later, and has been traveling the earth since then (This information is only the main information found in the 200 intact pages of the book). The rest of the pages of this book have been burnt out.

Every morning a substance appears to leak from the walls of the container that consists of blood, hair, and dead skin flakes, so the container must be cleaned daily. The origins of this substance is unknown.

Please inform the nearest Senior Administrator immediately if there is any change in the behavior of SCP-2902.