Item #: SCP-2305

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2305 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, lined with no less than one (1) centimeter of graphene, with as little light and visual stimuli as possible. Authorized personnel may interact with SCP-2305 for research purposes only. Those in the direct vicinity of the specimen are to use high grade night vision goggles to see. Under no circumstance should the entity be exposed to sunlight, and caution must be exercised in monitoring its whereabouts. In the event that the subject is exposed to UV radiation of any amount, staff are to refer to procedure 2305-3 and remove the light source. If the entity cannot be located within its containment unit, all unarmed personnel are to be evacuated immediately until the entity is recontained. Small spaces in which the entity can conceal itself are to be minimized, but not eliminated. At this time, there are two locations where the entity may conceal itself, which it has built from discarded instances of SCP-2305-B. Removing hides will only serve to agitate the entity, and it will soon rebuild more. These hides are currently not under surveillance due to the entity consistently locating and disabling any monitoring devices placed within. When placed outside of the subject's reach, surveillance equipment not immediately in the vicinity of the hides are typically left alone.
Any attempt at communication with the entity must be authorized by no less than two (2) Level 3 or higher personnel.

Description: SCP-2305 appears to be a genderless humanoid of caucasian descent, approximately 153 centimeters in height, exhibiting characteristics often found in elderly humans such as excessive wrinkles, thin hair, and loss of teeth (See Addendum 1-2305), as well as an element of extreme photosensitivity. The entity is able to communicate, speaking an unknown tongue sharing significant similarities to several Gaelic and early Modern Irish languages. Efforts to decipher and translate this tongue have so far been moderately successful.

Attempts to communicate with the entity using this unknown tongue have resulted in physical violence against the speaker from SCP-2305, behavior often continuing in the form of attacks on surrounding walls and equipment long after the speaker has been removed from the area or killed.1
When no area is offered into which it may retreat and conceal itself, the entity continues to violently strike it's forehead against walls and floor until it is either rendered unconscious or tranquilized by security personnel. If blood is drawn during the act, SCP-2305-B will form and protect the entity's skull from continued trauma.

Attempts to communicate with the entity using non-verbal methods provoked no response.

SCP-2305 has blood with several anomalous qualities similar to that of an extreme clotting agent. When its blood is exposed to an unnamed chemical produced within the body (hereby referred to as SCP-2305-A) and air, the blood hardens into crystalline, obsidian-like spikes measuring up to eleven centimeters in length.

This crystalline substance, known as SCP-2305-B, scales just below diamond on a Leeb hardness test, and the entity has been observed using this phenomenon to defend itself. It does not appear to have any control over the SCP-2305-B itself, i.e being capable of constructing larger spears of SCP-2305-B or constructing anything other than stalagmite-like formations.
When exposed to humans, the entity displays a variety of violent stress responses, most of which involve chewing or gnawing on its hands to the point of drawing blood; the resulting SCP-2305-B forms clubs of varying size encasing the entity's hands. This is used as a method of self defense- these clubs of SCP-2305-B are used to bludgeon, and occasionally impale2, the perceived threat to death. This method of self defense does not appear to be intentionally employed; creating the SCP-2305-B that encases the entity's hands does not appear to be the objective of this behavior, and is instead the byproduct of the agitation response.

When the entity is satisfied that the threat has been neutralized, the levels of SCP-2305-A in its circulatory system show a dramatic decline, and in turn the clubs encasing it's hands melt into a dark brown, viscous substance that gradually clots and coagulates as dead blood would. SCP-2305 has been observed using these discarded instances of SCP-2305-B to construct nests for itself within it's containment unit.
When instances of SCP-2305-B are removed from the subject, they retain their crystalline structure and do not dissolve. Efforts to isolate and test SCP-2305-A have not yet been successful.
SCP-2305 does not appear physically capable of regenerating injuries it inflicts upon itself3; it is capable of recovering to an extent from injuries outside of it's own control, but some bodily wounds inflicted during tests show no signs of healing beyond a plate of SCP-2305-B being formed over the wound. It seems that once injuries surpass a given severity, SCP-2305 will not heal fully.

Attempts to x-ray the entity to study its internal workings have proved unsuccessful due to the levels of SCP-2305-A in the subject's circulatory system, which distorted the image and rendered examination via x-ray improbable.

Acquisition Log: SCP-2305 was brought to the Foundation's attention by a field agent working out of ████, Ireland. The specimen was located in a small, derelict shack in the ██ ████████ foothills and, due to the amount of human remains discovered within the shack, SCP-2305 seemed to have been residing there for a significant amount of time. When questioned, the inhabitants of the nearby village were apprehensive of the shack for no explainable reason and advised Agent ███████ to avoid the area altogether. When questioned as to why he should refrain from investigating the area, the responses Agent ███████ received were deemed to be untrustworthy4. Where the entity came from and how it survived is unknown.

Addendum 1-2305: Three (3) months after it's capture the entity learned to grind its jaws together hard enough to draw blood from the gums and form prominent and serrated tooth-like structures from the resulting SCP-2305-B. This phenomenon has ceased to dissipate despite long instances of no stimuli and no threat perceived by the entity. [ Note made by Dr. Biskey: The research team has theorized that SCP-2305's saliva is preventing the dissipation of SCP-2305-B. ] This phenomenon has significantly damaged the interior of the entity's mouth.

Addendum 2-2305: SCP-2305 was found to have significant blockage of airways due to a buildup of SCP-2305-B within the mouth and throat on █/█/██. An emergency tracheotomy was performed by Dr. ████████ using a temporary tracheal tube that has since become welded into place by SCP-2305-B.