Item #: SCP-2306

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To avoid structural damage to adjacent parts of the site where SCP-2306 is kept, the object must be kept in a room within a room. Both rooms must be soundproofed, and the actual room where SCP-2306 is held must be suspended off of the floor of the containment unit at least two feet and needs to be 10’ by 10’ to avoid any possible damage that may occur from reverberations in a compact space. Personnel leaving either room are advised to always shut the doors as they leave.

Description: Currently contained in Site-19, the full origin of SCP-2306 is not entirely understood. The object has been identified as a poster, the yellowing visible on the corners suggesting it to be several years in age. It is made of heavy, glossy poster paper that is blank on one side and covered in coffee cup-stains as though it had been used as a coaster for over a decade. The front of the object is glossy and displays a boy band that appears to change every three-and-a-half minutes of its own accord, with no discernable pattern to the changes. It was found as an N-SYNC poster in 2001 in a Seattle apartment complex, but it has changed many times.

SCP-2306 nearly consistently plays music, never from the band it displays on its front. Careful observation by personnel has revealed that on the very rare occasion it changes to a band that it is playing a song for, it goes silent for the remainder of the song before picking up with a completely different one. Occasionally the songs it plays are reported to not exist anywhere else, or the bands displayed are unlisted in any known database. The object cannot respond to questions regarding these anomalous occurrences. It is not recommended to bring audio recording devices into the room with the object, as it will silence itself if they are present within ten feet of it. The reason for this is unknown, and the silence does not appear to affect the object changing the band on its face.

The object does appear to respond to certain voice commands, however. If it is requested to change songs or volume, it will do so if the request is carried out in a soft voice. SCP-2306 appears to associate loud volume with aggression and will amplify its own volume to dangerous levels if the loud noise persists on top of ignoring the request. The object will reduce its volume back to tolerable levels should those inside containment with it request it do so softly. The current level of volume within the container does not appear to affect SCP-2306’s ability to “hear” (term used very loosely as it is not known how the object perceives sound at all) the voice commands. As of the most recent tests conducted on SCP-2306, the limit of the volume the object can reach has not been ascertained. Subjects exposed to the music SCP-2306 plays report no harmful side-effects, and extensive testing has revealed that the object does nothing anomalous aside from change the band it displays or play music.