Kazuya's SCP Sandbox

Item #: SCP-1781

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1781's containment chamber is to be 8x8x8 cube with Titanium walls 6 layers of wootz steel guarded by two on-site security officers. SCP-1781 is not to be let out at anytime due to it's ability.

Description: SCP-1781 is what looks to be a 12 year Asian old boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes it also has a very skinny build, his legs appear to be partially paralyzed at first glance he looks human and acts human (eating drinking and sleeping) However when annoyed he will hold out his hand and and a dark blue substance will drip from it anything that touches the dark blue substance will seem more healthy then usual however after approximately 1 hour it the subject (hereby referred to SCP-1781-1) will melt into a pile of unknown materials.
Because of this SCP-1781 can create holes in his containment chamber and can easily escape. However SCP-1781 can easily be harmed with bullets and other weapons. It is impossible to test with SCP-1781 due to the substance it creates.

Addendum: SCP-1781 was found in Tokyo, Japan wrecking havoc in small town all citizens that have seen SCP-1781 was given a class A amnesiac. SCP-178 also appears to attack anyone who, not only annoys him but shows aggression as well.

To anyone who sees this I need help upgrading it.