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Item #: SCP-2265

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

The organism should be kept in a 6 by 5 meter room, made of 6 1/2 inch steel.
-Door must be made of a blast resistant material in case of its extreme anger.
When handling or speaking to the organism, be calm, in case of a out burst which rarely happens.

-Feed the organism daily as if it were human, or it could try to escape.

-Anything else is unnecessary, the organism must be spoken to daily in case of thought to escape, which it can at any time, so keep it calm, music usually does the best, so it has that at any time.


SCP-2265 is a "shape shifter" as it say, that can, change shape. the name of the creature is "Amity" it tends to resemble a human female that is 1.6 Meters, and has a few anger issues. It can open anything electronic as it can shape shift into anything."Amity" is very social and quite friendly to humans and animals. She say that she is weak but actually is very strong and quite intelligent, it is quite a strange organism do to its ability to be anything but DOESN'T want to leave the facility.

SCP-2265 has been observed to have extremely high strength, speed, and reflexes, though exact levels vary with the forms it takes. SCP-2265 intelligence is rather vast, and tends to talk from time to time about technology that even the foundation has no knowledge of.
SCP-2265 tends to have habits of tinkering, playing like a child, and wanting to make others happy. SCP-2265 has extreme heightened senses, be that smell, hearing, sight, and even touch, though all of these seem to as well be controlled just like its form.

It's name, Amity's, seems to comes from the Latin term friendship, or peaceful harmony.
It's main form is a wolf-dragon like hybrid, and can do as much as we have seen do what a wolf-dragon hybrid in any imagination do. As much as wed like to not have her do, she messes and tinkers with some of our equipment- usually making them better.

-NOTE:Find out how 2265 is getting our equipment-

-NOTE # 2: ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the equipment SCP-2265 gives back to personal, that includes you Dr.██████. we can't have our camera's be shooting cotton candy at everyone… even IF its funny… and yes, I AM admitting it was hilarious to see Dr.███ have cotton candy shot at him and get stuck onto him.

-NOTE # 2 CONTINUATION: NO, we can NOT classify Dr.███ as SCP-2265-1 "The Cotton Candy man"… as hilarious, as it IS, we will NOT do that…even as an OBVIOUS joke SCP.

Addendum # 2265 - 1: 2265 was found in a cave at ████████████████ ████████
we sent a team after SCP-096 when it escaped the facility and chased a scientist into a cave. we found 2265 somehow calming down SCP-096 and saving professor ███

Addendum # 2265 - 2:

Any personnel of any class is allowed to talk to SCP - 2265 for any reason, but must have at least one higher ranking personnel near by. And yes Dr.F██████ that include Class D personnel.

Addendum # 2265 - 3:

2265 tends to keep on trying to help the Foundation with it's problems. we don't know why, she just like helping. guess the Latin in her name speaks the truth, 2265 does basically what a friend would do; help others.

Dr.V████'s log

<begin log, [16:27>

SCP-2265: Hello Doctor, i thought you would be the one coming here.

Dr.V████: Hello SC-wait. how di-

SCP-2265:I heard you 27 rooms away.

Dr.V███: Ho-

SCP-2265: didn't you read the file about me?

Dr.V████:Oh well I actually have them here *what sounds like papers in a file rustling*

Foreword: a few minutes passed

Dr.V████:Sorry i was rushed here so i didn't-*phone goes off*-How is that…oh…i see you
called me by shape shifting part of your hand into a phone, very funny.

SCP-2265: *giggles*, I'm sorry i had to…please continue.

Dr.V███: OK now, if I'm correct you can shape shift into anything, open anything
electronic, and are very strong…kind…and*papers rustling again* are very intelligent, am I

SCP-2265: yes, yes, no, yes, and yes.

SCP-2265: Well i say i'm not strong…just because i can do something strong by shaping
my strength…I think that's not the right term but what ever…Shaping my strength doesn't > mean that's my real strength.

Dr.V████: OK I will discuss with them about editing that part…

SCP-2265: Your new here aren't you?

Dr.V████: wait how did you know that? I…well…yeah, i am. Why?

SCP-2265:…no reason…but you look familiar…we are being recorded correct?

Dr.V*█#!: yes why…

SCP-2265: because i can control the electrical devices…and i know you don't want your
name on the recording…

Dr.2532e: …don't even Amity, please, now lets continue with this, i know you hate
secrets so lets keep my name the way it is…not a secret…but confidential…

SCP-2265: …I think those two words mean the same thing…yeah…they do…

Dr.V█4█e: …sorry…but please lets contin-

Person: Hey SCP-2265 what are you doing? stop messing with the electronics and the > recording it's not a toy.

SCP-2265: Hey doc.your name is V@██e right?

Dr.Vance: yeah, why?

SCP-2265: oh, no reason. except for the fact that I can make those electronics unable to block things that are said.

Dr.V█24█: I think were done here. good bye.

SCP-2265: *in a suspicious happy tone* Good bye…Doctor…

<End Log, [18:02]>

Closing Statement - by most personal-: I'd rather talk to SCP-2265 than waste time with
the SCP's that either try to kill us, up to nothing.<

Addendum # 2265 - 4:

2265 was very co-operative during the tests.
Analysis says that 2265 is quite like SCP-343, and show similar results in abilities when spoken to, except she likes to be left alone once in a while, unless its Dr.█████, but sometimes asks to speak to Dr. V████.

SIDE NOTES: The higher ups request that all personal not waste time trying to speak to SCP-2265 when they need to do work, THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY.

Since its come to our attention, we now will be adding things to a Roster of things NOT to do with SCP-2265.

#1: Doctor Victor can ask 2265 to modify ANY Foundation electronics, or personal electronics, or games, even IF its "for his kids"…

#2: Doctor Victor NO ONE can "LEWD the Dragon" as he says in ANY way, at ANY time, EVEN as a joke, NOR "talk dirty" to SCP-2265… please Dr.Victor, we don't want this, we know your joking, but…no..just no… they are child like if anything, so at even our standards, thats just wrong. -Edit we had to modify this one out of people doing it as a joke, even if they aren't actually "LEWDING" the "dragon" its still shouldn't be a thing that needs or should happen.

#3: Doctor V████ can not in ANY CASE… let SCP-2265 out to walk around the facility without atleast ONE member that can re-contain her.

#4: Once again, Doctor Victor can not in any way, give SCP-2265 any for of "adult 'toy'" to see what they would do with it… we don't need another incident of Dr.█████████'s… "toys" vibration so much, they bounce off the walls… even if its "funny" its humiliating to anyone he takes things from, and we have to return the objects to, after reverting it to its previous normal state…

#5: No one can have ANY FORM of relationship with SCP-2265 that is a form of dating, you CAN however have "play dates" in the sense of the childish way, even if they seem to be maturing, they are still an SCP… please remember this, and look back to #2, which shall have been edited for clearer instruction. be proper, be nice, and especially, don't "Lewd the Dragon" … even you Dr.V████.

#6: In any case, Doctor Victor is NOT allowed to feed SCP-2265 ANY form of energy drink…that incident was a LIVING NIGHTMARE to fix… no one was hurt, nothing EXTREME and dangerous happened…but I'd like to not ONCE AGAIN PERSONALLY deal with "Amity" being on a caffeine sugar high of such high proportions… please keep it to soda, or small amounts…you WILL be watched if you have been observed possessing any form of Energy drink with high amounts of caffeine and sugar…

#7: PLEASE do not INTENTIONALLY try to find her limitations of her anger, an example of Dr.Alison shall be referred about such incidents if someone tries this again… she is said to be in the hospital for a few more weeks before recovery is possible, and having to give SCP-2265 an "apology" for the things said and done which made the incident happen.

#8: It's come to my attention that we have to make this more clear.
IN NO situation, in ANY form, at ANY time, can you LEWD AMITY… you DO OT have O5 clearance, don't even KID yourself, you do NOT have any form of clearance, any form of PERMISSION, or any form of OBLIGATION to LEWD THE DRAGON … Researcher ███████ has been demoted and fired, as well as arrested for trying to… "forcefully" lewd the dragon… SCP-2265 MAY be an SCP, but has emotions as well, and can respond DANGEROUSLY to certain things, and as such, you can no longer now even JOKE about "lewding the dragon" as it may now bring "Amity" bad memories, and cause reactions that are not good for anyone… and if such a thing comes into conversation FROM Amity, please, try to direct the conversation to a different topic, for her sake, and our sake.
Amity is an SCP of the Foundation, need I remind SCP stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect" … "PROTECT" is part of that, not forcing yourself onto them… any further breaking of THIS exact rule, WILL get you TERMINATED… thank you for understanding.

#9: It's come to my attention that SCP-2265, or "Amity" has regained a better mood since the reason #8 is a thing, a congratulations is in order for Doctor Victor and Doctor V████ for cheering her up, and even getting her to agree to not modify our equipment(still try to figure out how she even gets the Equipment) they shall be Congratulated appropriately, and Foundation members can now be allowed to enter the containment of SCP-2265, and talk and play with them. once again, Thank you Doctor Victor and Doctor V████.