Some Random SCP Idea
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to surrounded by a high security perimeter fence, outfitted with barbed wire, alarm systems, and hidden cameras, which is placed outside, near the fence.
The radio signals, or imagery from satellite are hidden to deter accidental civilian discovery.
The fence must be guarded at all times at a minimum of 4 armed security personnel, they are to patrol in a circle, ensuring that if at a constant rate, it will be impossible to infiltrate without being seen by security.
1 security gate including a basic airlock is placed outside the ring that provides the entrance to SCP XXXX, nobody is permitted inside except for the permitted D Class who are rarely sent in to search for any items of interest.

Description: SCP XXXX is an extensive underground complex located in [REDACTED], Brazil. The facility was built into a large hill covered in small foliage, similar of that of any other mountain or hill located in the jungle. The hill and area close to the facility is under effect of the anomalous properties that exist due to SCP XXXX.
The area around the mountain is surrounded only by shrubs, grass, and soil, any large plant life or trees in that area will age at a rapid rate, depending on age, it is possible for a tree to die of age instantaneously as soon as it reaches the field surrounding the large hill. That field creates a noticeable ring at the center of the hill if checked at an aerial view, plants are not under the anomalous effects if it's above the ring.
The ring of grass and small plants also includes another anomalous effect where any permanent structure or supposed will quickly decay and erode, leaving the objects to be reduced into soil and sediments in a matter of hours, if anything man made, with the intention of permanent stay will be affected and quickly erode, the complete break down of that object is dependent on materials and size of the structure.
Due to SCP XXXX location, at one of the sides of the hills, there is a large steel stairway which leads to a steel blast door built into the hill, this room is the enterence into the complex. There are booths and rooms also built into the hill nearby which consist of security rooms and control rooms that operate the steel door.
Around that door consists of abandoned guard posts and concrete buildings that are presumed to make up a security base, a barbed wire chain link fence surrounds the buildings and a silo. There is a sign outside the fenced area that warns of punishment if trespassing.
Entering into the facility, either the area outside the complex or inside creates an anomalous effect where if any human enters they are much more prone of accidental death, the longer you stay in the facility, or the deeper you go, odds of survival begins to lower slowly to drastically

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