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Sample image captured directly from SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently stored in a high-security locker located at Site-11. Access to SCP-XXXX is to be supervised by at least two personnel with Level-3 Clearance or above.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a plane mirror, approximately 15 cm by 18 cm by 1 cm in size, with no discernible frame or blemishes. When not under physical contact from a human being, reflections normally produced by SCP-XXXX appear to be in third person, instead of producing laterally inverted virtual images as observed in ordinary plane mirrors. Due to the entire presence of SCP-XXXX in its own reflection, this allows an effect known as "infinity mirror" to occur. Both sides of SCP-XXXX are reflective, and does exhibit these properties.

A person in direct physical contact to SCP-XXXX immediately falls into unconsciousness, regardless of body position or status. This effect occurs upon the moment of contact, and seems to produce an unidentified form of paralysis, causing the person to become paralyzed in all muscle conditions. Suspected to be also caused by the said paralysis, current subjects appear to be unaware of this effect, claiming to have not experienced this state at all. Removing SCP-XXXX immediately causes the person to regain consciousness, while instantly returning the reflections to their supposed content. Since acquisition, current subjects have demonstrated the capacity to voluntarily influence the their own reflections in SCP-XXXX, as well as recall all of their activities from these images.

While images produced by SCP-XXXX when held by a person still maintains the third person view, the overall landscape that is displayed appears to experience a paused state, strongly resembling a still image. Any phenomena occurring upon the moment of contact receives this effect, including those not present within the reflections of SCP-XXXX, as if have been suspended in animation. Despite the state of the background and the actual person in reality, this state seems to exclude the image of the person involved, as though experiencing continuity by performing actions against the still landscape displayed from SCP-XXXX. Although has not been observed to disappear, SCP-XXXX appears to be absent in these reflections for reasons currently unknown. Analysis from observations reveal that subjects' images behave as if SCP-XXXX simply does not exist, without any reported response due to the absence of object. When interviewed, subjects simply claim that they don't remember whether SCP-XXXX was actually absent or not.

Addendum 1: Test Logs

[[collapsible show="+ Experiment Log XXXX-2" hide="- Experiment Log XXXX-2"]]

Experiment Log XXXX-2

Researcher(s): Dr. Eldin Kenoma, Dr. Dr. Sheen Alvarez

Subject(s): D-16019, D-13612, D-11143

Foreword: As previously assumed, SCP-XXXX works upon multiple individuals

Addendum 2: Acquistion Report

SCP-XXXX was discovered in a huge mass of mummified remains


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