Object Class: Safe: Neutralized1: Maksur2

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be kept in reinforced cabinet at the Site-6 warehouse with Dr. Ryans holding the key to unlock the cabinet for testing

SCP- is now Neutralized and will be incinerated at the Site-6 incinerator on 11-3-17.

SCP- is now kept at the Site-6-A robotics facility inside a locked reinforced steel cabinet with Dr.Lane holding the key to it.

Description: SCP- is a device made by the group known as "Anderson Robotics" that has the ability to control any device at the users will. SCP- acts and looks just like an Apple iPod except that it has "Anderson Robotics" on the back of it and instead of listening and browsing music, the user can hack another device and change anything they want with no restrictions, such as: Accessing photos, changing files, etc…