Item Number: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: D-2234, the only known individual infected by SCP-XXXX, is to be contained in a Specially Quarantined Humanoid Cell at Site-19. Barring testing periods, D-2234 must be kept in his cell at all times. D-2234 and SCP-XXXX-1A are to be given separate meals, each accommodating to their daily caloric requirements. D-2234 should not be allowed to suffer from malnutrition, nor should SCP-XXXX-1A. Personnel Assigned to SCP-XXXX must monitor D-2234 and SCP-XXXX-1A twice daily other than during interviews and meal times for behavioral changes.

Interviews with SCP-XXXX-1A should only be carried out with permission from Head Researcher Jareds. Such interviews must be carried out with both D-2234 and the interviewer in separate rooms through the use of telecommunication devices.

Testing is to be carried out in a Class 3 Bio-hazard Testing Chamber, which must be sterilized afterwards. All subjects used in testing other than D-2234 are to be terminated after and their bodies incinerated. Both D-2234 and SCP-XXXX-1A respond more positively to requests given proper incentives. All requests made by the subjects are to be forwarded to Head Researcher Jareds.

Should a containment breach of SCP-XXXX occur, Site-19 is to be quarantined immediately and the spread of SCP-XXXX must be prevented using non-lethal force by guards stationed in SCP-XXXX's containment wing. Transportation of D-2234 must be carried out by a team of armed guards equipped with Standard Bio-protective Gear.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous disease currently affecting D-2234, a 34 year old native american male born in █████, Oklahoma. The disease is highly infectious, especially during its later stages. SCP-XXXX appears to be a form of life similar to species of bacteria within the Firmicute phylum, with the main distinction being the disease's ability to more rapidly change the structure and genetic make-up of both itself and the host it is infecting. While SCP-XXXX does not appear to be lethal or wholly detrimental to the subject's health, it has shown a high rate of infectivity. SCP-XXXX has the ability to fuse with and manipulate the neurological tissue of an infected organism, but only within the stomach organ in the body. SCP-XXXX's effects manifest in stages. The total period of these stages ranges from approximately 2-6 days. Thus far no cure has been developed for SCP-XXXX and genome sequencing has proved impossible using current technology. A request to use SCP-500 in testing for SCP-XXXX by Head Researcher Jareds is still pending.

Stages of Infection:

Stage 1: Subject begins experiencing growth of neurogenic tumors within their stomach organ. The tumors cease growth before the beginning of stage 2. The maximum size and amount of growths varies and no pattern has been found.

Stage 2: Tumorous growths formed during stage 1 begin a form of neurogenesis, wherein each growth begins to experience anomalously accelerated birth of neurons. Also during this time the generated neurons will begin to connect and form a complex system of neurological structures resembling human brain tissue. This new tissue has an enhanced rate of cellular regeneration when compared to normal biological entities.

Stage 3: Tumors within the subject begin to encompass the surrounding nerve tissue within the subject's stomach, restructuring and centralizing the nerves while still not compromising the primary function of the organ. Researchers have hypothesized that at this point the individual's stomach may have achieved a form of limited consciousness evidenced by presence of correlating electrical responses to stimuli as well as the presence of a human prefrontal cortex having formed within the organ.

Stage 4: The stomach of the infected subject, hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-1, will continue restructuring, eventually creating an entirely unique brain structure that includes several primitive sensory organs. These sensory organs will, over time, begin to protrude past the subject's ectodermal tissue and form new features on the individual's abdominal area. These features include primitive eyes, ears, and a silt containing an olefactory structure for smell. At this stage of the infection, SCP-XXXX-1 and the subject become interdependent, especially when relating to metabolic processes.

Stage 5: SCP-XXXX-1 will become fully aware of its surroundings and is able to communicate using the language of the infected subject through an electronic eye-tracking keyboard designed by Head Researcher Jareds. SCP-XXXX-1 instances have unique personalities from their hosts, but share certain distinct traits and possess similar vocabularies. An instance of SCP-XXXX-1 has the ability to create new strains of the SCP-XXXX bacteria within the body of its host, usually as an immune response when it is targeted by a medicinal drug or rival pathogen. Due to this, amnestics have proven ineffective on infected subjects. SCP-XXXX-1 instances also require approximately 500 calories per day in addition to their hosts normal caloric requirements.

SCP-XXXX-1A is the only known member of the SCP-XXXX-1 designation and currently resides within D-2234. For more information, see personality profiles for both D-2234 and SCP-XXXX-1A.

Addendum XXXX-A: The following is a sample of tests carried out to determine the nature of SCP-XXXX and its effects on humans. Tests were carried out by a team of Level 3 Researchers overseen by Head Researcher Jareds with the use of a Class 2 Bio-hazard Testing Chamber. The following format is used in current logged tests and is to be used in any subsequent ones carried out by SCP-XXXX's Research Team:

Test #:
Researchers Present:
Purpose of Test:

Note from Head Researcher: Testing has been temporarily suspended following T-0██ due to SCP-XXXX-1A's emergent uncooperative behavior and the ineffectiveness of amnestics on D-2234. SCP-XXXX's contagiousness cannot be underestimated, making it imperative to keep it within its holding cell during this suspension. Should SCP-XXXX-1A's behavior improve, continued testing may be reinstated with permission from the O-5 council.
- ███████ Jareds

Addendum-XXXX-B (Interview Logs and Personality Profiles): Due to the relevancy of the behavior and personality of D-2234 and SCP-XXXX-1A to their continued cooperation and containment, a log of each ones personality as well as all interviews conducted involving the subjects has been archived for review by those assigned to SCP-XXXX.

Interview Archive:



Extranormal Event-236.1: Archived Iteration

Anomaly Damage Level: 1.71

Current Information Breach: All Information Contained.

The following is a summary of the anomalous events that occurred on 12/29/20██. Please be noted that the events that transpired on this day are still being reviewed and researched. Therefore this document is subject to change and therefore has multiple iterations.

On 12/29/20██, the binary star system Sirius completely disappeared from the night sky for approximately 15 hours. The first group to discover this phenomenon was the ████████ Observatory in █████, South Dakota. The staff of the observatory had reported this to an off-site colleague over telecommunications, which were intercepted by the foundation. A contingent of MTF Gamma-5 was dispatched to the observatory to collect the data recorded during the initial event and bring all those involved in the discovery in for questioning.

Several mostly extraneous documents were found throughout the facilities of the observatory. Many of these appear to be nonsensical, but most appear to make references to animals belonging to the Canidae family. Possible correlation to several religious and cultural phenomenon is being researched. Researchers assigned to this subject must be innoculated against all hypothesized cognito-hazards.

Following this event, foundation efforts were focused on use of amnestics and disinformation to prevent discovery of this event by additional scientific groups from discovering the phenomenon. After 2 days following the event, an all-clear status was enacted and all resources and personnel allocated towards Event-236.1 were reassigned.

Apprehended scientists who claimed to have observed the event were brought to a secure room for interviewing. The following is an interview with Dr. ██████, who was designated the original discoverer of the phenomenon by his colleagues. Interviews with other subjects have been deemed extraneous.



Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 is currently kept in a concealed Aquatic Vehicle Chamber at Site-108 and must be ready for deployment at all times. By order of the O5 council, all Site-108 assets, agents, and research that is currently unassigned is to be allocated towards research into SCP-XXXX.

Foundation personnel assigned to explore SCP-XXXX must be made fully aware of the nature of their mission and the consequences it brings regardless of classification or clearance. Foundation Site-1-XXXX is currently under construction, materials and supplies (including food, water, building materials, uncontaminated oxygen tanks, etc…) for personnel stationed at this facility are to be transported via SCP-XXXX-1 yearly. The use of radio communications must be used in order for Site-108 and Site-1-XXXX to communicate.

The nature of SCP-XXXX is restricted to members of Site-108 staff and any personnel with clearance level 5 or higher. Should SCP-XXXX-A become present within baseline reality, Site-108 is to initiate a lockdown and Protocol Scorcher-Alpha is to be enacted to ensure the effects of SCP-XXXX-A do not cause any detrimental effects to the natural environment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a previously undiscovered alternate reality accessible through the use of SCP-XXXX-1, an anomalously powered recreational fishing boat with no engine, labels, or indications of a manufacturer. SCP-XXXX is similar to baseline reality in many ways, but differs in several key factors including:

-Approximately 94% of the SCP-XXXX version of earth's surface is covered in a black, viscous liquid designated SCP-XXXX-A. SCP-XXXX-A is currently undergoing chemical analysis to determine its nature and effects. Chemical analysis has been completed on SCP-XXXX-A, see Addendum.XXXX-03

-The inhabitants of the earth in SCP-XXXX are vastly different from those present in this reailty (See Addendum-02). Signs of human civilization exist, but no signs of living SCP-XXXX native humans have thus far been discovered. This ecosystem also seems to possess abnormally high biodiversity and each entity has been known to exhibit anomalous capabilities.

-The atmosphere of SCP-XXXX is 67% Oxygen, 21% Nitrogen, and 12% (DATA EXPUNGED). Due to this, the use of specially designed suits equipped with oxygen tanks are required for traversal of SCP-XXXX.

-Less than 50% of the light from SCP-XXXX's counterpart to the baseline sun appear to reach the alternate earth.

When SCP-XXXX-1 is activated and directed at least 70 miles into the open ocean by a humanoid, it will transport the user, all other humanoids on the ship, and any items on their persons to SCP-XXXX within the area corresponding to the location they were in the normal reality. Transportation of the subject(s) into SCP-XXXX has been observed to occur 4 to 7 minutes after the prerequisites above have been fulfilled. SCP-XXXX-1 will remain in baseline reailty after the transportation event, but evidence suggests that a counterpart to it may exist somewhere within SCP-XXXX (see addendum-2 for further details). Thus far, it is impossible to transport an individual back to baseline reality due to the lack of a return method.

For reasons not currently understood, any radiation generated or manipulated in the baseline reality seems to have a corresponding effect on SCP-XXXX, and vice versa when radiation generated or manipulated this way has been done so by an entity that originated from baseline reality. Due to this, communications between individuals in both realities is possible through the use of communication devices that rely on the use of radio waves.

Discovery and Initial Exploration Log:
SCP-XXXX-1 was discovered on 5/10/2003 abandoned in the open ocean 72 miles off the coast of (REDACTED). It had previously become an object of interest following the disappearance of several amateur fisherman in the area and after the questioning of several individuals related to this group of missing individuals yielded evidence of their purchasing of a weathered fishing boat from an unknown seller. Foundation agents acquired the boat and towed in back to Site-108, where it has been stationed since. SCP-XXXX-1's effects were subsequently discovered on 5/12/2003 after SCP-XXXX-1 was determined to be anomalous and put through testing procedures.

Agents Edmundson and Steffen, who were assigned to off shore testing at the time, proceeded to bring approximately 75 miles away from the mainland before they were transported to SCP-XXXX. Both agents had radio communication devices on linked to Site-108 command on their persons at the time, allowing for communication from within SCP-XXXX to Site-108.

Addendum.XXXX-01: History and construction of Site-1-XXXX.

Addendum.XXXX-01: List of biological entities.

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