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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Special Containment Area-XX and Site XX have been established for the containment and study of SCP-XXXX. SCA-XX is a XXkm radius area centered at (location). Operation (OpName) shall use standard Foundation assets to monitor and sanitize physical and digital records of the existence of the city of (Name). This includes, but is not limited to: monitoring, interception and modification of internet data and satellite imagery (public, private and government), recovery and modification or replacement of historical records, recovery and amnestic treatment of external observers, where possible, and the discrediting of first-hand public accounts of SCP-XXXX if amenesticization is impossible or not feasible. MTF-XX "Clever Nickname" is tasked with providing physical containment security for SCA-XX. MTF-YY "Clever Nickname 2" is tasked with providing law-enforcement operations for SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the population of the city of (Name) located on the northern coast of (Country). Individual specimens of SCP-XXXX are deceased humans of varying phenotype. No specimens thus far observed have shown any signs of life as it is commonly understood, from the superficial level (circulation, respiration, perspiration) to the most basic of functions (cellular life cycles and chemical functions.) Despite the lack of detectable life signs, specimens of SCP-XXXX display normal physical and cognitive ability for an adult human of similar age. In addition, specimens of SCP-XXXX do not appear to be subject to the normal decomposition that would be expected of cadavers, though this only seems to be the case as long as tissue remains part of the whole. Samples removed from volunteer specimens have decayed at a normal rate once separated from the host organism. Notably, sample tissue removed did not grow back. This is consistent with observation of other injuries sustained by SCP-XXXX specimens.

Since observation and containment of SCP-XXXX began in [Blackbox], researchers have noted very few deviations from normal human behaviours. SCP-XXXX specimens have formed a stable community in which there is an elected, representative government body, commerce and socialization. As SCP-XXXX specimens do not require nutritional sustenance or rest, much of the city is active around the clock. Most industry is centered around the production of consumer goods or the providing of services. Mirroring non-anomalous human society, trends and fads come and go, though usually more slowly than in the mundane world.

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