Kid F
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Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As all civilians suspected of SCP-# capability have been contained, surveillance of global communication channels to identify novel cases of SCP-# is of a low priority.

The remaining SCP-#-affected individuals (with one exception – see below) must be contained at Site-92 under involuntary psychiatric commitment. Release from containment on a case-by-case basis, dependent on psychological factors and the effectiveness of amnestic treatment and other #-mitigating procedures, must be pursued as a long-term objective.

Description: SCP-# is a self-inflicted act whereby the cerebrum is replaced by—or transformed into—an inert polyurethane substitute of equivalent volume, mass, and structural complexity. The effect is instantaneous and the majority of biological mechanisms are unaffected by the change; furthermore, the anomaly can be reversed in a manner identical to its activation. Subjects express no knowledge of SCP-#’s mechanism but describe it as instinctual.

While under the effect of SCP-#, the body of the affected individual remains animate and indistinguishable from unaffected humans. Moreover, the body retains the personality and memories of the affected individual, with the exception of ignorance concerning SCP-#.

In a majority of cases, subjects report the effect of SCP-# as being comparable to a lucid dream-state, with an awareness of the passage of time expressed. Subjects also display normal memory recall of experiences that occurred during their #-induced absence.

SCP-# was first discovered in a test subject of [REDACTED], a Foundation research initiative. All #-affected civilians known to the Foundation were contained within a three-year timeframe following this incident. No meaningful connections between affected persons, beyond the anomaly itself, have been identified.

NOTE: The following is documentation relating to Subject RK0617, who currently resides in Foundation-sanctioned confinement at Prison de XXXXX, Belgium. RK0617 formerly participated in the now-discontinued Project ECEP3 between May and August 2005.