Kid F
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Distribution of documents (represented by black dots) during SCP-#-A07 in Killarney, Vancouver. Note concentration along major roadways

Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation’s various global surveillance structures must be utilised to facilitate the rapid response to SCP-#-A events. MTF Xi-6 must be dispatched to the location(s) of ongoing #-A event(s), prioritising the removal of extant #-A documents. Appropriate misinformation regarding #-A must be disseminated to the public, in tandem with Xi-6 operations.

Civilians suspected of #-B capability are subject to temporary containment and, in the case of positive identification, must be transferred to standard humanoid containment in Site-92 indefinitely. Release from containment on a case-by-case basis, dependent on psychological factors and the effectiveness of amnestic treatment and other #-B-mitigating procedures, must be pursued as a long-term objective.

One physical copy of Document #-A must be stored in a standard containment locker in Site-92. One digital copy must also be stored on a remote hard-drive and contained in a separate locker in Site-92. Access to the object by any Foundation personnel is currently forbidden.

Description: SCP-# denotes two interrelated phenomena designated SCP-#-A and SCP-#-B.

SCP-#-A are infrequent events characterised by the spontaneous manifestation of physical documents of identical content (Document #-A), each printed on one side of an A4-sized sheet of construction paper. #-A occur exclusively in urban public spaces, typically producing 3,000 to 5,000 exemplars. #-A documents are the only identified vector of #-B and may also serve as an attempt to condition readers towards the active use of #-B. There have been seven recorded #-A events, with the first in 1967 and the latest in 2013.

SCP-#-B is a self-inflicted act by which the cerebrum is instantaneously replaced by an inert spongiform substitute of equivalent volume and mass. The majority of biological mechanisms are unaffected by the change, and the anomaly can be reversed entirely. Subjects are unable to articulate, or express no knowledge of, the mechanism of #-B, but nevertheless describe it as natural or instinctual.

In a majority of cases, subjects report the experience of #-B as being comparable to a lucid dream-state, with an awareness of the passage of time expressed. Subjects also display memory recall of experiences that occurred during their #-B-induced absence.

During #-B, the body of the affected individual remains animate and indistinguishable from unaffected humans. Moreover, the body mimics the personality, habits, and mannerisms of the affected individual, with the exception of ignorance concerning SCP-#. In the context of #-B, the body is regarded by both researchers and subjects as a distinct entity.