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Twitch Plays Real Life


A single frame taken from SCP-2250, portraying GOC agents C██(right) and O█████ (back), and an unknown third agent interrogating SCP-2250-1.

Item #: SCP-2250

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no method of shutting down SCP-2250. Attempts have been made to disable Twitch servers, block all users from entering the webpage, and shut down the entire domain. So far no progress has been made in stopping SCP-2250 or its users. However, the Foundation has been successful at completely denying all entry into SCP-2250 by any means, and will continue to do so until the threat is successfully contained.

SCP-2250-1's location is unknown, as he is currently experiencing a blunt trauma-induced coma as of 19:07, 04/08/20██, (See: Addendum I: Notable event #██) and as such, SCP-2250 is unable to transmit the live feed.

Description: SCP-2250 is an anomalous account registered as '█████_Play_Life'. While Twitch.TV is usually used for streaming live footage of video games, SCP-2250 is able to stream the first person perspective of a living human, from now on referred to as SCP-2250-1. All attempts at stopping the live feed or tracing its source so far have proven ineffective.

SCP-2250 features a non-stop live video feed of the first person perspective of SCP-2250-1's1daily life. SCP-2250-1 maintains some of his cognitive functions, and his free will. However, SCP-2550-1 is /highly/ susceptible to suggestion by the input of SCP-2250's chatroom, which is inhabited by 18 users. (Not including foundation surveillance members, and GOC agents.) SCP-2250-1 only follows the most popular order (by amount of times inputted), and will ignore the twitch chat if all orders are inputted an equal number of times.

The anomalous nature of SCP-2250-1 has become apparent to the Global Occult Coalition, and three agents have been able to trace, locate, and capture SCP-2250-1. Following an escape attempt, SCP-2250-1 has entered a coma, which has disabled the live feed, and rendered him untraceable. Several attempts have been made to trace the whereabouts of the Twitch users currently in control of SCP-2250-1, but their entire E-print is nonexistent. No IP addresses of any kind can be found. Several attempts have been made to communicate with the Twitch users in hopes of gaining knowledge as to their whereabouts, but they seem ignorant of the Foundation agents' existence within the chat.

Addendum I: Notable Events

Prior to detecting SCP-2250, several videos have been uploaded to Youtube by twitch user "Lightm", recording the events (with some initial commentary) of SCP-2250-1. These videos have received little to no publicity, and were taken down my the SCP Foundation after being saved for review, the channel was then taken down under false prepositions. A list of notable events occurring in the chat, and to SCP-2250-1 are recorded in chronological order. The time is stamped in accordance to SCP-2250-1's calculated geographical time zone.

04/06/20██ Sunday

<8:00 AM> Stream Begins. SCP-2250-1 awakens in a state of panic, sweating, in his bedroom, to the sound of his alarm clock.

<1:01 PM> First instance of GOC agent activity within the chat.

<2:21 AM> SCP-2250-1 receives an anonymous phone call. Twitch chat is able to hear the call and respond, but it does not go through the video recording.

<6:14 PM> SCP-2250-1 receives up to 12 anonymous phone calls up to this point. Twitch Chat chooses to ignore every single one up to this point.

<8:04 PM> SCP-2250-1 purchases a firearm (a .30 ███) and two(2) cases of appropriate ammunition at ███████ for ███$, as per Twitch Chat's recommendation.

<12:27 PM> SCP-2550-1 goes to sleep. Twitch does not cease streaming, but the feed is entirely black.

04/07/20██ Monday

Note: The Foundation begins surveillance of SCP-2250.
<1:09 PM> SCP-2550-1 awakens in panic, and goes on his regular routine. All Twitch Chat users are awake in advance already, and begin inputting their commands.

<1:23 PM> "GreenOpalCrown" begins attempts to direct SCP-2250-1 to destination: [DATA EXPUNGED]

<2:13 PM> SCP-2250-1 begins to drive to [DATA EXPUNGED], where Task Force-β2 was to intercept the acquisition of SCP-2250-1 by the GOC.

<2:56 PM> SCP-2250-1 arrives at [DATA EXPUNGED] as per GreenOpalCrown's commands, who has won the Twitch Chat over.

<3:00 PM> Five (5) GOC agents intercept SCP-2250-1's car and attempt to abduct him. Two (2) agents are shot to death by SCP-2250-1 under Twitch Chat suggestion, against GreenOpalCrown's wishes. SCP-2250-1 is then incapacitated. Task Force-β2 was unable to intercept the GOC agents.

04/08/20██ Tuesday

<Unknown Time> SCP-2250-1 is awakened by the remaining 3 GOC agents in an unknown facility. SCP-2250-1 is interrogated, and beaten on stream. SCP-2250-1 breaks free (which is impossible due to the fact that he was restrained by digitally locked steel shackles.), disarms one of the agents and escapes the facility after shooting the other two down.

<1:32 AM> GreenOpalCrown leaves the Twitch chat.

<1:58 AM> SCP-2250-1's escape vehicle is knocked off the road by GOC agents while driving away from the facility (now identified as ███████, an abandoned factory in ██████, Los Angeles.) SCP-2250-1 is now has been in a coma as of this time, the date is currently 04/10/20██ and SCP-2250-1's comatose state has persisted.