SCP-3000 "The Boy"

SCP-3000 is to be kept in a room 20mx20m and it to be sealed by an airlock. If any human contact has occurred they are now labeled as SCP-3000-1, a exact duplicate of SCP-3000. Level 3 and higher clearance to be accessed.

SCP-3000 is a tall lanky 3 year old boy that was found in the desert in Panama City, Panama. When any personnel is to come in contact with SCP-3000 their body will start to grow and loose all muscle mass and loose all weight and start to be food deprived and dehydrated. The only way to contain SCP-3000 is to put it in an airlock and the door must be at least 20 inches of thick lead and titanium bond. If transportation is needed we would need to take SCP-3000 by a lead and titanium bond at least 50 inches thick in a truck and an AC-130. If any personnel is to be labeled as SCP-3000 they must be terminated immediately.

Jesse Lawrence