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Epsilon-65 (“Meddling Kids”)

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Item #: SCP-3342

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Given SCP-3342's status in the community, total informational containment is unfeasible. Measures have been made to designate the former site of Corinthian Ministries and its associated campground as a health-hazard site, using a standard methamphetamine lab explosion cover story with the associated civilian disappearances (or deaths) attributed to the accident.

There are currently no attempts being made to further explore SCP-3342. Under no circumstances should SCP-3342-1 be aided in any way. If SCP-3342-1 attempts escape, on-site agents are to non-lethally deter the object to ensure its continued presence in SCP-3342.

Researchers are to focus upon isolating a catalyst for the creation of SCP-3342-2 and its connection to SCP-3342.

Description: SCP-3342 is the former site of the Corinthian Ministries Wellness Center, a religious institution that specialized in homosexual-to-heterosexual conversion therapy located in Doulworth County, Ohio. SCP-3342 is a Level 5 Ecto-geographical site, marked by its consistently changing layout, non-Euclidean spaces, and sentience. The Corinthian Ministries Wellness Center was not built on the convergence points of any leylines, real or imagined, and maintained no special significance before its anomalous activity.

SCP-3342's anomaly began on 14 February 2013. Of the individuals present at SCP-3342, three members of janitorial staff and two nurses were accounted for in the aftermath. The individuals considered “lost” to SCP-3342 include 16 children and teenagers attending the clinic SCP-3342-2, six nurses, one member of janitorial staff, two clergymen, and SCP-3342-1. Currently, only SCP-3342-1 and SCP-3342-2 have manifested within the structure.

SCP-3342-1 is the designation given to the various manifestations of former Corinthian Ministries Wellness Center Director, Dr. Edwin Gladden. Instances of SCP-3342-1 show a strong aversion to all contact with living beings and only seek to escape from SCP-3342. While most instances of SCP-3342-1 remain nonverbal, a number have been reported to attempt to sing hymns. SCP-3342 generally appear naked and appear to be undergoing extreme gastrointestinal distress. SCP-3342-1 instances are, without exception, either consumed by the architecture of the SCP-3342 space or SCP-3342-2.

SCP-3342-2 refers to an entity or number of entities that exist within the space of SCP-3342-2. SCP-3342-2 is a humanoid entity with a pink and blue coloration. SCP-3342 the ability to changes its size and manipulate the structure of its body along with that of the SCP-3342 space. It has no outwardly visible organs, and its only orifice is a mouth filled with irregularly-sized teeth. SCP-3342-2 maintains a single-minded drive to torture instances of SCP-3342-1 in various ways, most involving usage of electricity or genital mutilation utilizing its massive appendages, followed by consumption. SCP-3342-2 will ignore those who enter SCP-3342 unless there is an attempt to free or otherwise alleviate the distress of an instance of SCP-3342-1. The individual will then be either consumed by SCP-3342-2 or the SCP-3342 space.


Post-Recovery Interview with E-65 Gamma:

Due to the trauma E-65 Gamma underwent during exploration of SCP-3342, the agent was supplied with sedatives. Further interviews are impossible, due to the interviewer's disregard of protocol in allowing E-65 Gamma to undergo amnestic therapy before the Site Researcher gave approval. However, given E-65 Gamma's mental state, the chances of any further usable information retrieval were low. Despite this, the interviewer has been relieved of her position, with full employment termination pending.

Interviewer: Are you comfortable, Bri—I mean, Gamma?

E-65 Gamma: [Indecipherable speech.]

Interviewer: Could you repeat that?

E-65 Gamma : Lights.

The lights in the interview room are then turned on. E-65 Gamma screams and requests the lights be kept off again. During the rest of the interview, E-65 Gamma visibly shakes and gags.

Interviewer: We can keep this brief if you need it. We just really need to hear what happened when we lost contact.

E-65 Gamma:

Post-Exploration Interview with E-65 Alpha:

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