SCP - 2691

Item #: SCP-2691

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2691 is stored away in a containment cell by 3m x 3m (9ft x 9ft). Two (2) remotely controlled Robotic Guards stand outside of an Arco SC1 door. A Bathroom and Bedding has been provided. If research is required SCP-2691 must be escorted via Robotic Controlled Guards AT ALL TIMES to Sector - ██.
SCP-2691 is not allowed any physical contact with any humans, unless for research purposes, and even so, must be and only D – Class Personnel.
While not under research SCP-2691 is monitored by security camera’s located in each corner of the subjects cell.

Description: SCP-2691 stands at 1.76 m tall alongside weighing 56.7 kg. SCP-2691 hair and
eyes are simultaneously white. SCP-2691 also is abnormally thin, but doesn’t seem to be malnourished. SCP-2691 has a young physique.

Addendum 1 – 1: SCP-2691 was discovered in █████████ █████████ █████████ Germany. Date: ██/ ██/████

Addendum 1 – 2: SCP-2691 first contact with Security Officer ████, while leaving its cell for research.

Addendum 1 – 3: Officer ████ noticed an amount of fairly new energy as if… he had been reborn.

Addendum 1 – 4: Officer ████ angrily tries to enter into SCP-2691 room, but is restrained and set up for an interview.

Interview 1 – A: Dr. ████, & Officer ████.
Foreword: Officer ████ wouldn’t calm down enough to explain what SCP-2691 had done to Officer ████ and his family. As Dr. ████ tried to receive information Officer ████ committed suicide most likely to protect his family, which in result was a failure (See Addendum 1 – 5).

Officer████: Let me out!

Dr. ████: You seem distraught. What is wrong?

Officer ████: My family’s dying!

Dr. ████: From what such cause?

Officer ████: That damn monster! He touched me!

Dr. ████: You seem fine though? How can your family be in danger?

Officer ████: They are in danger due to me being touched… whatever that monster gave me when I was touched seems to be expanding my life, but its stealing my families away!

Dr. ████: Calm down. You being overly angry won’t sol- (interrupted)

Officer ████: I cannot let this happen to them… (Sound of unfastening gun holster)… ████, ████, please forgive me… (Gunshot sound).

Dr. ████: Security Officer ████ has killed himself apparently due to SCP-2691.

[Maintenance Crew cleaned up the body along with the room]

Addendum 1 – 5: Agents were sent over to Officer ████, house to administer Class – A Amnestics to the family members. Sadly by the time Agents arrived the family were aged significantly and announced as dead.

Addendum 1 – 6: Dr. ████ checked in with SCP-2691. Apparently SCP-2691 hair became whiter along with his eyes. A test will be performed to see if this incident’s effect also works on other individuals.

Test A – 1 05/23/████

Subject: SCP-2691

Procedure: Three (3) D – Class Personnel were brought into a testing chamber and sat down. SCP-2691 was brought in and prepared for testing.

Dr. ████: I would like you to touch one of the three D – Class Personnel in front of you.
SCP-2691 than emitted a white aura to the D – Class Personnel on the far left. SCP-2691 was then escorted back to its cell.

Time: 17:00

Results: The D – Class Personnel to the left is not displaying any changes. The other two are also showing no signs of change. Will check back in two hours.

Time: 20:00

Results: D – Class Personnel to the left is still showing no changes. Other two seem rather stiff other than that nothing else to report. Will check back in three hours.

Time: 23:00

Results: Furthest to the left has become more energetic along with a statement: “I feel as if I am young again” then was terminated. Other two D – Class Personnel are beginning to decay. Two D – Class Personnel were declared dead and removed from the room.

Conclusion: It seems SCP-2691 has the ability to prolong the life of an individual. Further testing will be performed on SCP-2691.

Analysis: SCP-2691 seems to possess the power to grant life proven by Officer ████, but in which will snatch life from others around you, so you may keep this being of life.

Test A – 2 05/25/████

Subject: SCP-2691

Procedure: Three (3) D – Class Personnel are brought into testing chamber █. SCP-2691 is than brought in and waited for instruction.

Dr. ████: Now, SCP-2691 I want like you to remain perfectly still. D – Class Personnel for three minutes try to harm SCP-2691.

The three (3) D – Class Personnel than began to attack SCP-2691. As the three minutes went on SCP-2691 seemed to recovering from all physical damage dealt.

Dr. ████: Now, SCP-2691 I would like you to retaliate.

SCP-2691 than began to emit a black aura and proceeded to expand it resulting in all three (3) D – Class Personnel to halt from attacking SCP-2691. SCP-2691 was then escorted back to its cell.

Results: All three (3) D – Class Personnel were removed from the test chamber and examined for any life signs. The other two died shortly after. The last D – Class Personnel stated before passing away: “My humanity feels as it has been stolen… along with my life…”

Analysis: SCP-2691 displayed a black aura which seemed to either absorb or dispose of the life force of the three (3) D – Class Personnel. Further experiments will be performed onto SCP-2691.

Test A – 3 – 06/03/████

Subject: SCP-2691

Procedure: SCP-2691 was brought into Site ██, to see if SCP -████-█ and SCP-████-█ could be found. SCP-2691 stated: “I’m afraid I don’t possess the power to register these many life forms.” SCP-2691 than began to seem frightened activating purplish aura around the researchers, Dr.████, and its own body which then advised to go back to its cell.

Results: Test A – 3 failed due to SCP – 2691 unable to register the multiple life forms that have apparently have formed in Site ██. SCP-2691 than began to emit a purple aura. As of now, we have no understanding of what the purple aura has done or will do. What we have confirmed is that SCP -████-█ and SCP-████-█ have most likely grown larger in numbers.

Dr. ████
Foreword: SCP-2691 is being interviewed for more understanding. Dr. ████ displayed some success.
<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: Did you mean to cause harm to Officer ████ along with his family?

SCP-2691: No, Doctor I didn’t.

Dr. ████: In Test A – 1 you repeated the same incident that happened with Officer ████. Can this happen to any individual you touch?

SCP-2691: Yes Doctor. There will be consequences though. Other life-forms around the one touched will lose their life-span.

Dr. ████: Test A – 2 you began to emit a heavily dark aura which than immobilized all three (3) D – Class Personnel along with healing yourself. What does this dark aura do?

SCP-2691: It drains a human’s life-span along with their humanity.

Dr. ████: Humanity? What is humanity?

SCP-2691: A question that only yourself can answer.

Dr. ████: Are there more subjects as yourself?

SCP-2691: Yes. Four (4) to be exact.

Dr. ████: Can we locate them in the same area?

SCP-2691: We are not located. I decided to seek out you. Otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed me.

Dr. ████: Seek us out? What could you seek the Foundation for?

SCP-2691: (silence)

Dr. ████: Will the other three (3) subjects also reveal themselves to us?

SCP-2691: In time. When they return though I will depart.

Dr. ████: I’m afraid that won’t be entirely possible.

SCP-2691: There are countless errors… Excuse me… I meant there are countless

opportunities to escape.

Dr. ████: Would you care to tell us about these errors or opportunities?

SCP-2691: Lessons are learned from errors.

Dr. ████: Well the Foundation will be prepared.

SCP-2691: Time will tell. I hope the Foundation isn’t telling tales.

Dr. ████: I see… In Test A – 3 you encased yourself, researchers and I in a purple aura. What does this purple aura do?

SCP-2691: (silence)

Dr. ████: That is enough for today. Guards! Escort SCP-2691 back to his cell!

Interview Date: 07/21/ ████

Interviewed: SCP-2691

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: Dr.████ is trying to acquire more information on the other three (3) subjects of SCP-2691.
<Begin Log>

Dr.████: Hello SCP-2691.

SCP-2691: Hello again, Doctor.

Dr.████: Who are the three (3) other subjects you spoke of during our last interview?

SCP-2691: We were created during ███.

Dr.████: For what purpose were you all created?

SCP-2691: Protection of ████ ████.

Dr.████: Did you succeed?

SCP-2691: Yes. Unfortunately, I had to remove the life-span from the young girl.

Dr.████: You mean ██ ████?

SCP-2691: Yes.

Dr.████: So, now what is you and the others subjects objective(s)?

SCP-2691: Illuminate. Generate. Obliterate.

Dr. ████: Which one is your priority?

SCP-2691: Which one is yours?

Dr. ████: Excuse me?

SCP-2691: Are you enlightening the peers around you? Are you building up people to their full potential? Or are you destroying them beyond measure, which complete repair is impossible?

Dr. ████: That is irrelevant…

SCP-2691: I hope you would think differently, Doctor.

Dr. ████: Interview’s over. Guar-

SCP-2691: (stands up and walks out with the humanoid guards)