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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard padded safe of appropriate dimensions. Drinking water from SCP-XXXX is strictly prohibited without having or obtaining permission level 2 or higher, in which case the test subject must be accompanied by at least two qualified medical staff.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard 325 milliliter coffee mug. It is fully black in color except for an unpainted white ring on the base and two logos on its side, opposite each other. One is the Apollo XIII mission insignia depicting three horses heading towards the Moon, with the words "EX LUNA, SCIENTIA" ("From the Moon, knowledge") written on the circular border. The other logo appears to be a galaxy. Above it is written "OUR FINEST HOUR". The launch and return dates (April 11, 1970 and April 17, 1970, respectively) and "KENNEDY SPACE CENTER" are written below the image. The company name [REDACTED] is printed on the underside.

SCP-XXXX was located and intercepted by MTF Alpha-4 in ███████, Canada. The buyer, a mug collector named █████ ██████ claimed it was a rare piece of merchandise only available at the Kennedy Space Center gift shop during the early 2000s. Eleven similar objects have been tracked down since ██/██/20██. None have exhibited SCP-XXXX's properties, or any other anomalies. Ten have been claimed by various staff members and researchers for personal use in the office. One is currently on Site-██ in the cafeteria on Floor 3, by the coffee machine.

SCP-XXXX only displays unusual properties once it is filled with an amount of water between 18 and 180 ml which then has to be completely ingested by a human subject. SCP-XXXX will then teleport the drinker within the Moon's orbit. The drinker will return once they are on the verge of death from decompression, which after testing is anywhere from ██ to ██ seconds, depending on the subject's health.

During the subject's stay in space, SCP-XXXX will remain suspended in the air, as if under zero gravity conditions. It can be safely manipulated during this time. When the subject reappears, SCP-XXXX will remain suspended until it is grabbed by its handle, whereupon it will be affected by Earth's gravity again.

Addendum 1a: Subject D-78H70, wearing full cosmonaut gear, has been instructed to drink from SCP-XXXX and then rapidly close back her helmet. D-78H70 vanished upon fully consuming the water. After ██ hours, D-78H70 returned, helmet visor lowered and suffering from the effects of decompression. Further testing on ██ subjects confirms that direct exposure to the vacuum of space is the only method of return.