SCP-XXXX, The Stealing Quarter, Sandbox (Klefki)


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained on a wooden table with at least $300 in cash on it, along with a stick of lip balm, a comb, a wallet, an old cell phone, and some replica credit cards. SCP-XXXX is not to be approached by a kleptomaniac or any D-Class personnel with a history of theft, no matter how petty. Researchers or D-Class personnel that are going to work with SCP-XXXX are not to wear pants with pockets.

SCP-XXXX should only be put into any machine for research that is cleared by Class 3 personnel or higher. If SCP-XXXX is put into a machine, then no person should be standing within 5 feet of the containment area.

SCP-XXXX appears to be a regular United States quarter from the year 1963. SCP-XXXX fills people who see it with a strong urge to put it in their pocket. After this happens, the coin will teleport out of the pocket that it was being kept in. It is currently unknown how long it takes for SCP-XXXX to teleport, but it is known that it will happen before the article of clothing is removed. Due to this, SCP-XXXX seems to be somewhat sentient. After teleporting, the quarter tends to reappear around a "stash" location. This stash location is where SCP-XXXX is storing a large amount of its loot. Usually it will teleport to the nearest stash, but sometimes it goes farther for unknown reasons, making it difficult to contain.
SCP-XXXX can only teleport when it is not in direct physical contact with a living human being. If a human is holding it, it seems unable to teleport away. Generally it will not teleport if not in contact with something that it can take to its stash. For example, it will not teleport while lying on the ground. When somebody picks it up and puts it in their purse or pocket, it will eventually teleport away, taking the contents of its container with it.

SCP-XXXX was first discovered by Dr. ███████ in Las Vegas after seeing a man repeatedly drop the quarter and wait to see somebody pick it up. Dr. ███████ noted that everybody who picked up the quarter dropped by the man would soon talk about being victims pickpocketing, despite nobody actually reaching into their pockets. The Foundation then investigated and took the quarter, replacing it with a plain quarter from the same year.

It is very important to never put SCP-XXXX inside a machine. If it is placed in a machine, it may teleport the whole machine to its stash location, which could have drastic effects on those nearby. See Test Log for details.

Test 1: D-Class personnel was instructed to take the SCP-XXXX and put it into a vending machine. It was used with four other quarters to purchase a bag of chips. Meanwhile, another D-Class personnel (subject) was instructed to wait by the stash of SCP-XXXX. Only five seconds after bag of chips were removed from the vending machine, the vending machine teleported to the stash right above subject. The machine fell on subject, crushing his [DATA EXPUNGED] and killing him in █ minutes. SCP-XXXX then fell out of the machine, next to the stash.
Test 2: D-Class personnel was instructed to put SCP-3691 in his pocket with a twenty dollar bill in it. Meanwhile, another D-Class personnel (subject) was instructed to lay upon the stash. D-Class personnel with SCP-XXXX in his pocket was instructed to take off his pants. The D-Class personnel was confused and a bit hesitant, but complied. Subject then sat up, only to start coughing up blood and fall over again. When examined, subject was found dead with a quarter sized whole in his chest with multiple pierced organs. When SCP-XXXX was examined, no blood or fluids remained on it.