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Item #: SCP-3701

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3701 is to be contained in SCP-3701-A at all times. SCP 3701 is kept in a 80x30 meter room. An area of 10x30 meters at the entrance is followed by the ████ volcanic pit located below site-████. SCP-3701-A is to be suspended 10 meters away from the entrance platform and 50 meters over the ████ volcanic pit by 2000 braided galvanized cables.
Should any Class-E personnel or SCP-3791-B attempt to exit SCP-3701-A the cables suspending SCP-3701-A are to be released by a switch in Dr. ███████'s office immediately.

Under no circumstances are any Class-C personnel or below, members Abrahamic symbols, or members of Abrahamic faith are to be allowed within ██ kilometers of SCP-3701-B. Should any of the previously personnel come within ██ kilometers of SCP-3701-B, there are to be immediately terminated. Abrahamic symbols will also be destroyed should they enter the ██ kilometer radius.

Description: SCP-3701 is a small prescription bottle of bright red pills and tablets of varying shapes. The label reads, percutia (believed to be in reference to Latin for smite) which is listed as being 5mg1 and to be taken whenever a sin has been committed. ] The pills and tablets were recorded after analysis to be sugar. As of December ██, 2011, personnel have been forbidden to administer any pills or tablets following the event on December ██, 2011 in which the test-A was administered by Dr. ███████. Test-A consisted of a Class-D personnel taking a 3.2mg tablet of SCP-3701 (see test log-A).

SCP-3701-A is what appears to be from the outside, a large 30x30 meter concrete box. On the front of the box is a set of mahogany doors decorated with stained glass. The exterior of SCP-3701 appears to be indestructible. The interior of SCP-3701 is that of a small burned down church. There are several windows, but the light shining through them is blinding, leaving any attempt to see what is outside impossible. SCP-3701 sits on top of SCP-3701's podium which seems to be the only completely intact furniture within SCP-3701 along with several holy symbols lining the walls. SCP-3701-A's interior was seen live until March ██, 2011 when Subject-A's (see test log-A)head mounted camera had died. No personnel have entered since. However, until the camera had died, Subject-A had been seen creating through unknown means more instances of SCP-3701-B. The room was last recorded with 30 instances.

SCP-3701-B is what appears to be a completely charred man standing at 375 centimeters when not slouching, but in its usual state remains to be 320 centimeters average. SCP-3701-C is virtually identical to SCP-3701-B but is only visible to individuals under the influence of SCP-3701. SCP-3701 is documented as being, "Extremely strong and fast" and seen punching straight through the skulls of several Tactical Response Officers. They seem to be immune to any form of harm other than those caused by extreme heat, or silver bullets.

SCP-3701-B seems to infect others nearby using Abrahamic religions as a medium. When infected, an individual becomes SCP-3701-B once nothing can see them change, and the transformation was documented by Tactical Response Officers to be quicker than the blink of an eye.

Very little is known about SCP-3701-C due to only being documented once (see test log-A) but it is assumed to be incapable of speech.

Test log-A
Foreword: Dr. ███████'s notes as well as their conversation with test subject Class-D personnel refereed to as Mr. ██████ or Subject-A are recorded in the following. Subject-A was revealed to be Christian after the tests concluded.

<Begin Log, 12/██/11>

Dr.███████: Mr. ██████, please administer the 3.2mg red tablet in the envelope.

Subject-A opens envelope and retrieves tablet.
Subject-A: [Doctor, are you sure this is safe?]

Dr.███████: Mr. ███████, you saw the same lab results I did, just sugar. Please administer the tablet.

Subject-A administers the pill.
Note: 5 minutes have passed. Subject-A has not ha Notes end
Subject-A: mumbling Doctor, look.
Subject-A Points head mounted camera to look in empty corner of SCP-3701-A
Subject-A: What is that?
Dr.███████: What do you see?
Subject-A: Fuck. He look like he was just in a house fi- Who are you?
Subject-A's vital signs read that he had died, however the camera feed continued.
Dr.███████: Mr.███████?
Subject-A: Sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.
Subject-A removes head mounted camera and points it at himself. Subject-A now is slouched but now significantly taller while slouched and has much longer limbs. Their entire body appears black and charred. Their eye sockets and mouth are empty.
Subject-A: Did you hear me Doctor?
Banging on the door of Doctor ███████'s door can be heard.
Subject-A: Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out.
Dr.███████: What- What is that?
Dr.███████ can be heard scream briefly before loosing vital signs
<End Log.>

Closing Statement: It was found that all personnel of Abrahamic faith within ██ kilometers had immediately been turned into the same charred figure (SCP-3701-C) or SCP-3701-B that Subject-A had, and all personnel within the ██ kilometer radius of any SCP-3701-B had also been turned into SCP-3701-B. Dr.███████ had also been turned into SCP-3701-B after their vital signs had stopped. Tactical response officers were used to contain the SCP-3701 in the site through extensive efforts.

Only one conversation has been recorded between an SCP-3701-B and A researcher.

Interviewed: [SCP-3701-B]

Interviewer: [Dr.██████████]

Foreword: [It is unknown how SCP-3701-B reconnected the camera to the foundation computers, and however short the conversation may be, it has proven useful for the safety of the foundation.]

<Begin Log, April ██, 2012>

Dr.█████████: How- (pauses for seconds) did you connect back to us?

SCP-3701: (Shouting) Our most powerful will make himself clear to all of you! Non erit mundus cum tetigerit!
<End Log.>

Closing Statement: [At the time, it is only known as a threat directed at humanity as a whole.]

Addendum: Much of this was forced to be edited following the events on December ██, 2011. As of July ██, 2015 we have seen that the numbers of SCP-3701-B, as well as the size of the interior of the church have quadrupled.