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SCP:XXXX : The Headphones of God

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP: 3128 is to be kept in a soundproof container at all times. When personnel are not within the room, SCP: 3128 should be put on a 1.8 meter USB charging cable.

Description : Moved to Site-19 2008. The origins of the object are unknown. It is constructed out of plastic and wiring, the exterior made with an orange foam and a latex-cloth substance. SCP: 3128 is in-animate and idle when not powered. Whilst SCP: 3128 is on, it acts a pair of headphones connected by Bluetooth. Object is reported to be able to shape shift, along with the personnel interacting with SCP: 3128. When a song is played that can not be turned into a form the object will do nothing.

Object has been shown to respond to ███████ , █████, ███████ ██████ the best. When left without the charging cord for 24 hours, it began to release a noise frequency that bothered the staff and other SCP.

Addendum XXXX-B testing by Dr. ██████

** Test A - ██/██/████**

** Subject: SCP: 3128 **

Procedure: Personnel D-641 Is to enter the containment area and turn on the device after that, Personnel D-641 is to activate the playlist on the cellular device which contains █████, ████ ████, ██ ██████ █████ ████, █████ again. After the play list is over personnel D-641 is to plug the object into the charging cable

Results: SCP: 3128 and Personnel D-641 Took form of a Canis lupus after the first song. The subject Went back within Humanoid form but was made of distinctively tough metal like substance. With the next SCP: 3128 and Personnel D-641 were back within normal form. Once the first song played again the charging light on SCP: 3128 Flashed red twice.

Analysis: SCP:3128 has the power to change form based on what the form of media is talking about. It will not change into the same form twice in a close proximity of time.

Addendum 3128-E Audio log from Dr.██████

Dr.██████ : Personnel D-105114 please put on the headphones.

*Personnel D-105114 proceeds to put on the headphones*

Dr.██████ : I'm turning the play list on in T minus 10 seconds.

Dr.██████ : 5,4,3,2,1 the playli-

*Dr.██████ falls over, seemingly unconicous*


*D-165511 collapses next to Dr.██████*


Addendum 3128-F The current Site Director for Site-19 has issued the following memorandum regarding SCP: 3128:

I have been notified that staff have been frightened, paranoid or even traumatized by SCP: 3128, because it had caused the death of four D personnel and Dr.██████. Now I have come to explain a basic guide to ease the minds of anxious personnel.

1. Songs based off metaphors and similes will morph the personnel wearing the object.

2. Songs based off actions are currently in testing.

3. Songs about objects will create said object in the song for 24 hours.

4. Songs from Games and movies have not been tested yet.

5. If the personnel records a song and tries to gain by it they will see there own demise.

6.Non-published songs have the potential to make you become mentally ill or do the effect you want.
7. You can use a songs effect once every 24 hours (but you may use multiple during said hours)

8. If the headphones happen to lose power within the battery, [REDACTED]

9. The same song sung by a different author wont do anything if you heard that song already today.

10. LASTLY NO MORE METAL/ DEATH METAL ON THE HEADPHONES, There's to much death and god-like beings for that to be safe. Dr.██████ and D-165511 died from heavy metal being blasted through the object

There is a reason this is a keter class and not a eulcid, So treat it as such.

All personnel above are required to go though psychiatric therapy. Please follow the guide I have given you.

Dr. Andrew Snow
Site-19 Diretor