Item #: SCP-3744

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, no procedures for the secure containment of SCP-3744 exist. What follows are measures to keep a currently identified instance of SCP-3744 present in one location for continued study. Since SCP-3744 seems to demonstrate no will or volition beyond its connection with the subject, it is a current working theory that SCP-3744 can be kept localised indefinitely.

This is accomplished by keeping in secure confinement a human subject who had already become aware by some means deliberate or accidental, of the existence of SCP-37441. This subject is kept bound in a standard human containment cell designed to prevent self-harm. The subject may require intravenous feeding and a permanent automated waste elimination solution.

This subject must be connected to a heart monitor and several other audible warning systems to alert of an impending or actual expiration of the subject. (Whilst full remote monitoring of vital signs is warranted, no audiovisual feed must be present; this is to prevent accidental auditory or visual communication of the details of SCP-3744's existence to be communicated to an individual monitoring such feeds.)

A Class D resource, with temperament and personality traits conducive to reliably following instructions, must be on permanent standby close to the subject's cell. In the event of expiration, actual or impending, the Class D must be introduced to the subject's cell, where they will follow the pre-given instruction to open the envelope on the small table provided.This envelope will contain the description of SCP-3744, hereafter known as instruction set 3744-0B.

Once this has been acquired, SCP-3744 will change its focus to the Class D resource, who will now become the new subject. Once this has happened, three Security personnel will carry out instruction set 3744-0C, 3744-0D, and 3744-0E respectively, which will essentially replace the expired restrained subject with the new one.2

Description: [REDACTED]

Experiment Log 3744-01: A Class D resource is introduced to the containment room housing a currently active subject, and given familiar awareness of SCP-3744.

Purpose of experiment: To determine the effects of the above scenario, and to extrapolate further theories regarding the pathology of SCP-3744.

Conditions: Currently active subject is in a secure chair, with active waste removal function and monitoring equipment as outlined. Light conditions in the room are minimal, with a single controlled light source illuminating only the currently active subject and his immediate vicinity. Opposite the upright containment unit, is a standard chair and a small table beside it. On the table is an envelope containing a copy of instruction set 3744-0B. This chair and table are bolted to the floor.

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