Kolya Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a refrigerated cell sixteen by sixteen (16 x 16) cm and opened no less than once weekly by the lid with any two assigned personal present. Ingredients and contents should be recorded, and a sample should be retrieved for testing.

If the procedure has been deviated from for an extended period, one extra personal must be present for each week at time of opening to discourage compulsive memetic properties that are triggered by proximity.

Description: When closed, SCP-XXXX appears to be a ‘Chunky Monkey’ flavored container of █████████████ brand ice cream. The only discrepancy visible from the closed container and a non-anomalous container of the same brand and flavor is the ingredients list. This, along with the contents of the container, are known to change with each complete removal and replacement of the lid from the central container.1

When the object remains unopened for one week or more, it will emit a weak memetic impulse to deliver it to a nearby freezer, or the closest nearby location that it may be discovered and opened by someone unaware of its anomalous properties. This impulse is not recorded in proximity greater than 20 cm from the surface area for each week unopened.

Upon being opened by a person unaware of its anomalous properties, the contents will appear to be no visibly different than ‘Chunky Monkey’ ice cream of the previously mentioned brand to all viewers.2 Personal who are aware of the true nature of the specimen will be repulsed by the aesthetics of the ice-cream despite this.

Ingestion of any amount of the contents will cause them to shift in appearance and texture consistent with previous records. Subjects are often shown to have an aversion towards abnormal tissue deposits and dairy products for a varying amount of time afterwards. This is believed to be a naturally occurring response.

SCP-XXXX was retrieved by Agent █████ ██████, who discovered the object shortly after a 'breaking-and-entering' event at his home residence. The object was discovered in his refrigerator freezer and partially ingested before [REDACTED]. The lid was quickly replaced and removed again in a moment of disbelief and revulsion, thus revealing the initial anomalous properties.

See Addendum for recorded data upon routine containment procedures.