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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Specialized computer algorithm "Anti-Archetype" is to monitor all accessible, text-based digital mediums for mentions of SCP-XXXX, using recovered information to locate SCP-XXXX instances, delete said instances, and attempt to discern the physical location of the instances' uploaders. One instance of the original SCP-XXXX is to be preserved at its original source, with access from non-authorized personnel restricted via appropriate software. A second, alternate SCP-XXXX instance is to be similarly preserved. (Please see Addendum XXXX-A for details.) The usernames, user activity, and other confirmed indicators of uploaders are to be monitored for possible correlations. Victims infected with SCP-XXXX are to be located and administered Class-D amnestics. Victims infected with SCP-XXXX who have been designated "Unknown" by SCP-XXXX are to be non-lethally incapacitated and detained for questioning. (See Test O.)

Description: SCP-XXXX is a memetic agent in the form of a personality quiz. The quiz is consistently almost always titled "Which Element Are You?! Take This Quiz to Find Out!!!". The quiz consists of 101 multiple-choice questions divided by 10 across 11 pages, with the last page containing the final question. Each question containing a subset of 10 possible answers provided next to interactive checkmark boxes. A rectangular "Next" button is displayed at the bottom of the quiz for the first 10 pages, with a similarly shaped "Get results!" button replacing it on the 11th page. Both buttons cause the wall of text to refresh itself, revealing the next set of questions and the result respectively. The questions themselves range from philosophical and apparently intended to provoke introspection, and seemingly nonsensical or otherwise existentially insignificant in nature. All questions ask a nondescript subject to provide information about their perceived personality, with all questions remaining the same throughout all interactions.

Instances of SCP-XXXX are uploaded onto the message boards of digital forums, posts on social media, and any other virtual network accessible to humans. Uploads of interactive SCP-XXXX instances are successful regardless of the specific platform's ability to host and/or allowance of interactive surveys. Instances of SCP-XXXX occur on varying platforms, ranging from the public Internet to the private Intranet of various organizations. Instances have appeared between ███ to █████ times per day. Uploaders have seemingly arbitrary usernames, and are unable to be located with current Foundation technology.

When a human subject completes the quiz and is designated a result, the memetic agent will infect the subject, altering their brain chemistry and physiological activity. These alterations vary depending on the subject's designated result. As of 1/1/20██, 13 results have been obtained through controlled tests. The total number of results SCP-XXXX can designate to subjects is unknown.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was first discovered on 2/7/19██ when reports of a "cursed online quiz" and similar headlines circulated popular news sources. After investigations into victims resulted in conclusive evidence towards the anomalous nature of the quiz, Foundation personnel located ██,███,███ instances of the quiz on the Internet and restricted public access to each instance soon afterwards. Specialized computer algorithm "Anti-Archetype" was developed in the proceeding weeks. Victims of SCP-XXXX and contributors to news reports involving SCP-XXXX were located and administered Class-D amnestics. All news reports of SCP-XXXX were erased.

Attempts to copy SCP-XXXX onto a device or otherwise any locations that aren't the initial sources of SCP-XXXX instances have all been met with failure. Every external medium used for copying has displayed a sign of error during each attempt. A single instance of SCP-XXXX is currently being maintained on the public Internet forum ███-████.███ as a result, with access restricted to Foundation personnel and test subjects.

Below is a compilation of significant tests performed with SCP-XXXX. For an extended list of test logs and results, please email a request to Dr. Mali, current head researcher of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-A: On 7/4/20██, user "SempiternalRainbow" on the public Internet forum ███-████.███ posted an instance of SCP-XXXX. The instance was identical to regular instances of SCP-XXXX in terms of content and memetic effects, however the title had been expanded to form "Which Element Are You?! Take This Quiz to Find Out!!! I'm Fire Air Lightnnig Steel Magic [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Ctto?on Can u Tell Me Wich Personlity Are Mou kno can uE u prsnalut idkidkdkdkidkkd." The instance is currently maintained for research purposes alongside the originally maintained instance.