Goophug's Box of Sand
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SCP-XXXX in containment. Pages 756 and 757 are shown.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a small securely sealed locker at Site-██.
Any attempts to damage SCP-XXXX are to be reported immediately, and those responsible are met with swift removal from the area.

SCP-XXXX is an untitled black hardcover book, thought to originated from the nineteenth century. As of ██/██/2019, SCP-XXXX contains 2476 blank pages and a total of 506 full pages.
SCP-XXXX was discovered in ██████, England after a major flood destroyed a local library. SCP-XXXX was found buried in the wreckage. It was brought to the foundation's attention after reports of a 'magic diary' were found in local newspapers.

When given any kind of tool capable of writing in SCP-XXXX, test subjects will feel compelled to write a single paragraph about a past experience or their thoughts on current affairs. Whatever emotion the subject has upon writing in SCP-XXXX appears to be 'absorbed' into the pages. The process has been observed to cause minor stress in subjects with PTSD or schizophrenia; possibly due to the effects both disorders have upon mental health, but as of ██/██/2019 no effects have been observed in healthy subjects.

If a subject reads a paragraph from SCP-XXXX, they will be overcome with 'absorbed' emotions described within the lines they have read for a recorded minimum of two hours and a recorded maximum of eight hours.
This effect does not take place if the text is read through another media, such as a photograph or a document.

Security footage has shown that SCP-XXXX posses the unique ability to 'grow' new pages overtime. This process seems to occur after at least three individual pages are filled, and generally takes thirty minutes to four hours to complete.

Addendum XXXX-A:
Test █
Aim:** To test SCP-XXXX's use as an anti-depressant.
Result: Subject read a positive paragraph from SCP-XXXX. Subject was overcome with a newfound feeling of happiness for exactly six hours until subject returned to normal behavior.

Addendum XXXX-B:
Test ██
Aim: To test SCP-XXXX's use .
Result: Subject read a rather unsettling paragraph describing [REDACTED]. Subject then proceeded to cease communication with staff and became incomprehensible for thirteen minutes before regaining control over themselves.

Addendum XXXX-C:
Test ██
Aim: To test SCP-XXXX's use as a means of persuasion.
Result: Subject was told to read a persuasive paragraph previously written by Dr. █████ on why

Addendum XXXX-D:
Test ███