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Environment damage caused by SCP-XXXX during Incident-XXXX-C5

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the sheer scale of SCP-XXXX traditional containment measures are impossible.

Regions of SCP-XXXX's head, torso and legs are to be constantly monitored by through a live-feed at nearby Site-███, located where the town of Darvaza previously stood. Any notable activity from SCP-XXXX should be swiftly reported, and any towns and villages in the surrounding area are to be immediately evacuated in order to minimize any potential threat to civilians.
A barbed wire fence has been constructed around the entry point to SCP-XXXX's containment, this is to be quickly replaced once in a state of disrepair. Any unauthorized personal attempting to enter this area are to be immediately removed from SCP-XXXX and escorted out of the premises.

Site-███ was constructed in the remaining ruins of Darvaza in order to safely maintain SCP-XXXX's containment. Following this, unauthorized personnel are strictly forbidden from entering the tunnel system that connects to SCP-XXXX under any circumstances. (See Incident-XXXX-J4)

SCP-XXXX is a massive, currently dormant reptile-like creature unrelated to any known species located directly 3.5 kilometers underneath the Northern Ahal Region of Turkmenistan. The exact size of SCP-XXXX is currently unknown, but current estimates point to it possibly being at least 1000 to 1200 kilometers long.

SCP-XXXX has remained in a constant status of deep sleep for a currently unknown period of time, however; SCP-XXXX has been recorded entering a state of restlessness every █-██ years in intervals of fourteen to forty-six hours, often leading to massive devastation to the surrounding surface area.
SCP-XXXX is located within a large tunnel system which is entered from a large sinkhole located a short distance from Site-███.

Incident Logs:

Description: After reports of an unusually massive sinkhole, approximately [DATA EXPUNGED], opened up 2.3 kilometers East from the quiet village of Darvaza following an unprecedentedly large earthquake in the region. Investigation of the sinkhole uncovered a sprawling cave system leading to the discovery of SCP-XXXX lodged 3.5 kilometers into the Earth's continental crust.
The incident was heavy censored by the Turkmen government.

Incident Log:
Description: Following an underground shaft atomic bomb test in [DATA EXPUNGED], Turkmenistan, SCP-XXXX entered a thirty-two hour period of heightened activity, leading to the complete destruction of four small local villages, loss of two lives and the opening of fourteen small sinkholes throughout a 30 mile area. This would be the first time that SCP-XXXX would enter a restless state whilst within Foundation custody.
Due to this incident, cameras were installed in sections of SCP-XXXX's underground chamber in order to observe it's activity.

Incident Log:
Description: SCP-XXXX entered a period of heightened activity for approximately fourteen hours, leading to a notably large sinkhole within the city of Babadaýhan and the deaths of six civilians.
Camera feeds of SCP-XXXX appeared to show it enter a state of REM, before returning to NREM, suggesting it's brain is similar to that of a mammal.

Incident Log:
Description: Under the surveillance of Dr. ██████, the Foundation attempted to generate an MRI scan of SCP-XXXX in order to better understand it's 'deep sleep' status and possibly predict future periods of restlessness within SCP-XXXX.
Approximately two hours into the experiment, SCP-XXXX temporarily awoke, leading to a massive movement in the Eurasion tectonic plate, killing all fourteen personal involved and completely decimating 30 kilometers of the surface. This lead to the destruction of multiple populated villages and the loss of [DATA EXPUNGED] lives. Shorty afterwards, SCP-XXXX returned back to it's usual sleeping state.
Following this event, Site-███ was established upon the remains of Darvaza for the sole purpose of containing SCP-XXXX.