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"A Rococo Clock"

Item #: SCP-NNNN

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-NNN must be contained within a closed sacrificial container whenever it is indoors or otherwise inside any enclosure, building, or container. The sacrificial container must close but need not be airtight. Due to SCP-NNNN's low rate of alteration of matter, a simple metal, plastic, or cardboard box is sufficient for several days. When not involved approved experiments, SCP-NNNN is to be contained within five concentric plastic boxes, with each box enclosed in a canvas bag with drawstring. It is then to placed inside a locked safe in {Should I mention site data here? Not sure of appropriate site}. The room is also to contain one glovebox of at least one cubic meter interior size and one cabinet stocked with replacement bags and boxes suitable for containing SCP-NNNN. No other SCP objects are to be contained within this room, nor are any personnel to occupy the room for more than three hours per week except during approved experiments.

The bags and boxes are to be deliberately marred and soiled to increase their lifespan This precaution functioned for three container replacements before becoming counterproductive. Boxes began to be modified in an atypical manner, including [DATA EXPUNGED] inscriptions.

-I am worried by the implications of this. That thing required daily replacement of containment materials once it figured out what we were doing. It's really holding back now. -Dr. Elias

The room, safe interior and exterior, and the outermost bag and box are to be inspected monthly for signs of alteration. If alteration spreads outside the outermost bag, SCP-NNNN with its containers are to be moved to the glovebox and the glovebox is to be used to replace all altered containers.

Material altered by SCP-NNNN may be disposed of by shredding, melting, or incineration, which destroys its anomalous properties. These processes need not destroy any valuable material produced by SCP-NNNN, but merely destroy the object. All non-D-class personnel involved in the containment, transportation, or use of SCP-NNNN are to receive psychological evaluations monthly and/or at the conclusion of activities.

Description: SCP-NNNN is a highly ornate, gilded clock of French Rococo style, measuring about 55 mm high. Materials and construction technique are consistent with the 1880s, and the wood has been dated to this period. SCP-NNNN functions normally as a clock. Collection of the dating sample indicates that while unusually durable it is neither protected against nor especially vulnerable to physical damage.

SCP-NNNN is believed to be sentient, and is capable of altering matter within an unknown radius. When recovered, it had caused modifications to the interior and part of the exterior of an entire house. In general, SCP-NNNN modifies artificial structures or artifacts that it is placed inside of, or which it is placed on top of. The effect starts with the closest object or centermost container, and proceeds outward. SCP-NNNN has little effect on unenclosed outdoor locations or completely natural objects SCP-NNNN has a much slower effect when outside of all enclosures, but it will still alter objects it is placed on top of, and will very gradually alter natural landscapes to be more picturesque and cleaner. SCP-NNNN will not create objects that did not exist previously, nor will it destroy useful or intentionally created artifacts

SCP-NNNN's primary effect has an orderly path, and generally becomes noticeable over a period of days to months. All times are for a standard 3 x 4 x 3 meter room unless otherwise stated.

  1. Cleaning: If structures being affected by SCP-NNNN are dirty or dilapidated, SCP-NNNN will clean and repair them. It typically will not restore serious damage, or completely restore normal wear and tear, but it will much improve damaged areas. This phase typically lasts less than a day for mere dust and grime, up to a week for considerable damage. At this time SCP-NNNN's secondary effect comes into play: People who frequently occupy the cleaned areas or handle cleaned artifacts will feel uplifted and will be more comfortable and energetic.

This thing might actually be useful for maintenance of containment for SCPs that gradually damage their containment equipment - Dr. Elias

Denied. We saw what it did with its own containment materials. SCP-NNNN would probably stop cooperating. -O5-█

  1. Upgrading: Objects and structures affected by SCP-NNNN will then be subtly improved in the materials and functions. This process rarely lasts more than a day, and is skipped for structures that are already of high quality.
  1. Minor Aesthetic Changes: Structures affected by SCP-NNNN then undergo minor aesthetic changes. Typically modern ornamentation is removed and the aesthetics shift toward older styles and more complex ornamentation. Changes remain consistent with the context. During this time, the secondary effects of SCP-NNNN manifest again; inhabitants of buildings affected by SCP-NNNN at this point will notice that the building is improving but will not find anything strange about it. This phase usually lasts one to two weeks.
  1. Major Aesthetic Changes: Structures affected by SCP-NNNN receive much larger changes, which most commonly bring their aesthetics into alignment with the European rococo design of SCP-NNNN.1 There is no known stopping condition to SCP-NNNN; it appears to endlessly replace a structure with more ornate forms, while adding more and more luxurious elements such as gold leafing, gold plating, or inlays of precious materials. However, SCP-NNNN seems to prefer to alter more matter rather than complete a focused area.2

Additional Data

Addendum: SCP-NNNN testing log.