SCP-3128 - The Unforgived Anime

Item #: SCP-3128

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3128 is an 32 inch flatscreen TV, there is nothing connecting to it, but when looked at for more then 10 seconds, the user would defend that specified TV to their own life to protect the anime of what is inside, if a user were to get inside, the user who is protecting it, we will refer to it as SCP-3128-1, will begin to attack the other user(s) to save the anime.

Description: SCP-3128 is, as said, a 32 inch flatscreen TV, it contains anime of all sorts, and plays them. The most common one to play is fucking Boku no Pico. It plays noise in the room but we are unsure where the TV gets the speakers or noise to do so. It mostly plays or ends on the porn parts of that specified anime. This is not going to plan.

Don't do what we do.