Photo taken of SCP-4042 on the day of its initial encounter; permission to be photographed was granted by SCP-4042.

Item #: SCP-4042

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4042 is currently being kept at Site-17, though its previous residence proved to be safe to its civilian population, the safety of SCP-4042 could not be guaranteed. SCP-4042 will be active on Halloween, and has been granted permission to give treats to any employees.

Description: SCP-4042 appears to be a male, which was determined by its voice and stands approximately 193cm. SCP-4042 is dressed in a black Duster coat, Paratrooper Boots and at first what was thought as an Equus caballus skull mask, but with closer examination of said “Mask” it was found that it was a genuine, Equus caballus skull with no occupant, although SCP-4042 is capable of conversation and does not lack sight, e.g., it was asked to look at the camera when we concluded our investigation, the means of how it carries out these functions is unknown. SCP-4042 has also displayed to be not only incorporeal in the head area, but its whole body seems to share this characteristic, this was revealed when one of the operatives was examining its “Mask”, though SCP-4042 does possess human hands, the purpose behind this might be to give the appearance of a normal human. SCP-4042 is only active on Halloween, and participates in its custom of distributing candy to any who approach its current residence, which it then greets them and bids them farewell. The candy it distributes has been tested and the results determined no abnormalities or toxins. Though SCP-4042 appears foreboding, its voice has a sense of joy while greeting those who receive its candy, and the participants seem to enjoy its festive nature, especially children. When midnight is reached, SCP-4042 would return to its home and close the door behind it.

Addendum 4042-1: SCP-4042 was brought to our attention by operatives working in the Santa Clarita Valley, specifically in the town of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The people of the town seem to have grown suspicious of the residence of SCP-4042, given the fact that the owner only left the residence on Halloween. After six months of surveillance on the house, it was determined that the residents' suspicion was based on fact. On 10/31/20██, operatives approached the house dressed as participants of the festivities and proceeded to wait for the arrival of SCP-4042. At approximately 5:00 pm, the door to the residence opened slowly, and then the sound of heavy boots could be heard walking on a wooden floor, when the “Face” of SCP-4042 emerged from the darkness. SCP-4042 walked out, closed the door behind it and then greeted our operatives, “Eager for treats, aren’t we? Good!” it said. Operatives approached SCP-4042 and asked permission for questioning, which was given. On 11/1/20██, operatives entered the home under the guise of Public Health inspectors. The house consisted of four rooms and one bathroom, all empty, except for an armchair in the living room, which had the clothing and skull of SCP-4042 resting on it, the materials were confiscated and the house was labeled as condemned, to alleviate any fears or curiosity associated with the premises. The following Halloween, when observing the cell that contained SCP-4042’s clothing and skull; the clothing seemed to inflate and as it reached it approximate height, the hands materialized and proceeded to don the skull. SCP-4042 walked to the door and knocked three times, proclaiming “You don’t want to miss out on your treats, do you?”