Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Quarantine of city block surrounding SCP-2235 with the cooperation of local law enforcement and CDC officials. Several containment specialists, security officers and researchers have been deployed full-time on-site. Citizens not having directly witnessed the anomaly are to be told that the quarantine is necessary due to an outbreak of the aerobic bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae originating from mold in the walls of the house. Members of the Foundation visiting or occupying SCP-2235 should wear containment suits guarding against radiation signatures associated with chronological anomalies in the past. Measures should also be taken to make the site appear to the public to have been quarantined due to infectious bacterium.


A living instance of SCP-2235-T1.

Description: “SCP-2235” is used to refer to an abandoned house located in the U.S. City of ██████ , Connecticut. Most of the house appears to be completely normal, except for the upstairs bedroom at the time of the documented phenomena. At approximately 19:45 on the 25th of [DATA EXPUNGED] three teenagers began trespassing on the premises. Upon later interviews with SCP security officers, they reported having noticed a particularly fetid smell and shrill barking emanating from the upstairs bedroom, accompanied by a stain on the ceiling of the first floor living room, located directly below the bedroom. When opening the bedroom door, the eyewitnesses discovered a partially-furnished bedroom, complete with bed, in a state of moderate disrepair. Littering the ground were what were later cataloged as forty-seven corpses of identical eight-week old male puppies of indeterminate but mixed breed (all instances of puppies alternately referred to as SCP-2235-T1 throughout this report.) Five identical living puppies of the same breed were also present, exhibiting varying degrees of illness and/or starvation. Many of the corpses had been partially or wholly consumed by the living puppies and blood, urine, bile, vomit, and fecal matter had collected to such an extent that it had begun to seep through the carpeted floor. The ensuing police report was flagged by one of our field agents, and within two days of the initial encounter, agents had quarantined the area and taken appropriate containment measures concerning the public. Due to SCP-2235's fairly isolated location from the rest of the neighborhood, neither the noise nor the smell had been noticed by neighboring residents. After being interviewed, all three eyewitnesses were dosed with mnemonic-purgative drug TZ82 (A Class B amnesiac) following the interviews.

Upon establishment of a mobile research and surveillance center spanning the upstairs hall and bedroom of SCP-2235, the Foundation began to report the spontaneous appearance of an identical puppy every five hours, exactly. Their appearance was always one foot above the middle of the bed. If the bed is moved, the puppies simply appear in the same location in mid-air. Placement of a solid object at the site of appearance results in the subject appearing in the closest location to the surface of the object. All subjects have been observed to appear in the same physical position. Genetic testing revealed all instances of SCP-2235-T1 to be completely identical to one another, not only in DNA composition but in physical appearance (e.g. placement of scars, birthmarks, physiological features, etc.) leading us to believe that they are not clones but multiple instances of the same entity. Preliminary experiments with living puppies reveal that they each seem to know the same two basic commands; “Sit,” and “Stay,” although instances of SCP-2235-T1 are not "tied" to one another in any particular way. That is, they do not share any knowledge gained after their appearance and the physical state of one instance does not affect any other instance.

It is the Foundation's current hypothesis that the phenomena related to SCP-2235 may be classified as a temporal anomaly, as radiation emission signatures recorded around the appearance of each iteration of SCP-2235-T1 seem to be similar to previous cases involving temporal distortion or displacement (see: SCP-1859 , SCP-279 , SCP-869 .) It is the working theory of on-site researchers that phenomena related to SCP-2235 is due to a malfunctioning or improperly-constructed time machine existing in our timeline's future (or a possible future.) Due to the implied desperation inherent in the use of such a malfunctioning device in order to potentially alter the past, the prevalent theory is that the future era of origin is dystopic. The time machine may be depositing its pilots/test subjects in a “split” fashion at several points in time roughly approximate to the time of destination rather than simply once at the exact time of destination. This malfunction creates what are, in a sense, temporal clones, or multiple instances of the same entity from the same point of chronological origin. It is unknown whether the increasingly rapid rate of appearance of the test subjects will cease when a certain destination time is reached, or even when such a certain destination time would be. On-site personnel stress that such a destination, if it exists, may be months or even years from now.

After three days of observing the same pattern of appearances, the rate of appearances began to increase. One puppy began to appear every three hours. After another two days, a puppy began to appear every two hours. Currently, an instance of SCP-2235-T1 has been appearing once every thirty minutes. Measures are being taken to exercise the right of eminent domain and purchase the city block surrounding SCP-2235. This will allow us to construct a high-volume disposal system for the excessive organic material, most likely consisting of an industrial solid waste shredder, as the smoke from an incinerator would draw unwanted attention. An on-site storage facility for organic waste would also be constructed, with arrangements for transportation and processing of excess organic material when full. Currently, on-site agents are conducting rudimentary euthanization procedures on all excess organisms and employing cargo trucks to ship them out to suitable disposal sites. Twelve of the living instances and three of the most intact dead instances of SCP-2235-T1 will be retained for observation and study in Site 17. Containment, classification, and security of all future appearances of SCP-2235-T1 should be given highest priority, as there is no possible way of predicting the future rate of appearance, although on-site agents believe it will continue to increase.

Incident: At exactly 09:45 on the morning before this report was written, under SCP surveillance, a human male approximately 34 years old appeared on the bed of SCP-2235's upstairs bedroom. The male will hereafter be referred to as SCP-2235-T2. SCP-2235-T2 was completely nude and immediately begin screaming incoherently. Despite what medical intervention we could offer, SCP-2235-T2 died of what appeared to be shock within fifteen minutes of his appearance. His appearance has not caused any cessation or slowing of the rate of appearance of the puppies. Although it is not known for certain, the Foundation is currently expecting another manifestation of SCP-2235-T2 within the next twenty-four hours. It is hypothesized that, although having no noticeably psychological effects on its canine subjects, the process of time travel may cause overwhelming psychological damage to the human mind or physical shock to the human body. Postmortem analysis of SCP-2235-T2 is currently underway. Protocol will be to use our medical personnel to attempt to keep the next 12 instances of SCP-2235-T2 alive and in good health for possible observation, interrogation, or interview. Beyond that, opinion is divided as to whether instances of SCP-2235-T2 should be disposed of along with instances of SCP-2235-T1 or given arrangements for mass burial.