Kure Mushi Hazune

Item #: SCP-3204

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3204 must be contained in an entirely sealed glass room with 3m x 3m x 3m. The room must be completely devoid of any kind of gas and must be kept in complete vacuum. All interaction with SCP-3204 must be previously authorized by Dr. ████████, and anyone entering the SCP-3204 room must be in an entirely sealed suit with an oxygen tank which has high-pressure resistance.

D-Class personnel must enter the room once a week to clean the residuums of SCP-3204's room.

SCP-3204 must be watched through a 2.5 m width and 1.0 m high window that should be covered with a black film. Anyone watching SCP-3204 should be equipped with soundproof headphones.

Description: SCP-3204 is a spherical living being with several bubbles and reliefs on its surface, through research, it has been discovered that it is made of basically human flesh. When SCP-3204 touches a surface, it leaves a dark red mark.

SCP-3204 does not have any type of organ but emits a constant sound of suffocation and choking. SCP-3204 moves by buoyancy and gets very fast when it realizes that someone is around it. SCP-3204 normal behavior includes hitting its own body against the east wall, and, in some rare instances, SCP-3204 bled up until its room was one-fifth full. (see Addendum 01)

SCP-3204 can absorb all types of gas surrounding it through holes in its body and can choke all living beings around him who needs to breathe. SCP-3204 emits no other sound beyond the suffocating sound (see Addendum 01)

Listen to SCP-3204's stifling sound for too long leads any living being to insanity and loss of normal mental functions.

Addendum 01: March ██, ████. Today, SCP-3204 murmured almost inexpressibly the word "help" for 5 hours, then it begins to bleed and filled one-fifth of its room.

Addendum 02: September ██, ████ A D-Personnel group containing D-5489, D-6578 and D-8125 entered the room for the regular cleaning. D-6578 removed his sealed helmet, knelt, and begin to cry. SCP-3204 automatically begin sucking all the gas from D-6478's body, who desperately tried to relocate the helmet, but his body imploded before he could. The █████ team agrees that D-6578 committed suicide. Everyone was told how to act inside the room previously.