Kyle Clark
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Item #: SCP-YYYY

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Y-1 is to be suspended and chained inside a 2 1/2 tallx1 meter diameter steel tank with water. The tank should be stored in a standard-sized containment unit, containing a camera to record any entry into the containment unit. Any human entering the containment unit should be fitted with a fire suit and an explosive collar, and given metal tongs to handle SCP-Y-1 without becoming a SCP-Y-2 instance.

Testing of SCP-Y-1 can only be authorized by a level 4 researcher and must be under remote observation at all times by the current project head. If control of SCP-Y is lost during testing, all personnel in the testing chamber are to be terminated by activating their collars. Once SCP-Y-1 ceases movement, D-class personnel can be sent to secure the object and move it back into its containment tank.

Description: SCP-Y-1 is a 2 meter long spear, with an ash pole and a 16 cm wide leaf-shaped iron spearhead, weighing about 10 kilograms. The pole is intricately carved with unknown symbols.

When in contact with human blood, the spear consumes up to five liters of the liquid every hour. Once left without blood to consume, SCP-Y-1 will start to heat up by five degrees °C every second, to a maximum temperature of 250 °C. When not restrained, held by a human subject, or actively consuming blood, SCP-Y-1 seeks out the nearest suitable bearer (hereafter designated as SCP-Y-2) and flies at the target up to a top speed of 120 m/s. SCP-Y-1 can maneuver in the air to avoid obstacles, penetrate up to fifteen millimeters of steel plate, and kill other humans between it and its chosen bearer.

When SCP-Y-1 is held by a human subject, the bearer will become highly aggravated and attacks whatever most angers the subject. This can range from a single person that provokes SCP-Y-2 to an entire nation state.1 This aggravated state continues indefinitely, even when the initial target is killed, moving onto another target until SCP-Y-2 is terminated by destroying the brain or separating the head from the body. Reliable methods of termination include: .50 caliber bullets, high explosives, and decapitation. Any other injury will only increase SCP-Y-2's aggression.

When the spear is thrown, SCP-Y-1 will always hit the target, regardless of the force, direction, or distance of the throw. If thrown at a vehicle or building, SCP-Y-1 will probe at the object until a point where it can break through and strike at the targets within the object. Of the ██ tests conducted, almost all hits successfully killed the target, defeating all types of body armor, due to it going for any chink in the target's armor, from face plates to joints. Only armored vehicles and bunkers with thick enough armor and viewing slits smaller than SCP-Y-1, have kept SCP-Y's targets alive.

Discovery: SCP-YYY came into the Foundation's ownership in 199█, after SCP-YYY was used in a number of engagements by the Irish Republican Army against occupying British forces in Northern Ireland. Survivors reported coming into contact with a small squad of terrorists, one of which was a SCP-Y-2 instance. Notably, the few survivors of these engagements were in vehicles that showed signs of being hit repeatedly by SCP-Y-1 as they escaped.

Once these reports reached the Foundation, a Mobile Task Force, MTF-Iota-13 "InterFU", was sent to Ireland, found and engaged the IRA cell that possessed SCP-Y. After sustaining ███ casualties among the allied forces, SCP-Y was contained and sent to Site-██. All non-Foundation personnel that had contacted SCP-Y were administered Class B amnestics.