Kyle Clark
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Item #: SCP-YYYY

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Y is to be stored chained inside a 7 ft long by 2 ft high by 2 ft wide steel vat. Vat is to be filled with 200 gallons of human blood poppy juice, to be refilled everyday with an additional 24 gallons of blood juice. The vat should be stored in a standard-sized storage unit, though a two-inch thick steel door should be installed to further prevent containment breaching. A pair of guards are required to stand outside its entrance at all time, with a camera watching the hallway leading to SCP-Y's storage unit. A squad of guards should be ready at all times to counter any attempt to gain access to SCP-Y, though this can be in conjunction with the security of other SCPs on the site.

Testing SCP-Y can only be authorized by submitting the pertinent paperwork to the Site Director and must be under observation at all times by the Level 2 project head. When testing SCP-Y, the object must be secured with steel clamps before it is unchained, and then removed by four D-class personnel, each equipped with a fire suit and a pair of tongs, in order to deal with the SCP's high heat (400 degrees Celcius) output and its inclination to bond to human subjects.

Description: SCP-Y-1 is a 2 meter long spear, with an ash pole and a leaf-shaped iron spearhead. The pole is intricately carved with unknown Celtic symbols.

When in contact with human blood, the SCP-Y-1 constantly 'feeds' from the blood, consuming five (5) liters of blood every hour. When not in contact with human blood1, the spear heats up by five (5) degrees °C every second. This temperature increase does not stop until it reaches 400 °C2 or it contacts blood again, at which point it rapidly cools to the temperature of the blood.3

When not held by a human subject or feeding, SCP-Y-1 seeks out the nearest human and flies at the target up to a top speed of eighty miles per hour. SCP-Y-1 can penetrate steel doors

and maneuvering in the air to avoid obstacles, slamming through doors

and hitting any chink in the target's armor, from face plates to joints.

When SCP-Y-1 is held by a human subject, the bearer (hereafter designated as SCP-Y-2) is filled with hatred and anger at whatever first provokes the subject. This can range from a single person doing something that annoys SCP-Y-2 to an entire nation state.4 This rage state continues indefinitely, even when the initial object of hatred is killed, moving onto another target until SCP-Y-2 is terminated by destroying the brain or seperating the head from the body. Reliable methods of termination include: .50 caliber bullets, high explosives, decapitation, and ████████. Any other injury will only increase SCP-Y-2's aggression.

If the spear is thrown, SCP-Y-1 will unerringly hit the focused human target, regardless of the force, direction, or distance of the throw. SCP-Y-1 seems to have a preference for hitting the target body near the heart or the neck. Of the ██ tests conducted, all hits successfully killed the target. When SCP-Y-1 is removed from the target , it continues to pull blood out of the target, until the body is completely exsanguinated. Once left without blood to feed on, SCP-Y-1 starts heating up again.

Origin: SCP-YYY came into the Foundation's ownership in 1993, after SCP-YYY was used in a number of engagements between the IRA and the British forces, in which the majority of the British soldiers were killed. Survivors reported coming into contact with a small squad of terrorists, one of which was SCP-YYY. It was also reported that one instance of SCP-Y-2 was killed in one of the contacts,

After pressuring the Irish government and with the help of Mobile Task Force Iota-10, the murderer was found and successfully killed by the Garda Síochána Special Detective Unit, after suffering ██ casualties. Instructions for containing SCP-YYYY were found at the murderer's home in █████, Meath, Ireland. After SCP-YYYY's containment, it was shipped to Site-██ for storage. All law enforcement officers that were involved in SCP-YYY's capture were administered Class B amnesiacs, and all computer files relating to the case were altered to hide SCP-Y's involvement and subsequent disappearance by MTF Iota-10.

Testing: suspended in a 5 meter high x 3 meter diameter tank, filled with water. Temperature of the water is to be moderated by using a modified nuclear reactor heat exchanger, which is connected to the Site-██'s power grid.

Addendum-y-a: After Incident Y-██, testing of SCP-YYYY is forbidden in the presence of research personnel.

Addendum-y-b: The use of human blood for the containment of SCP-YYYY is now suspended. After extensive research and testing, poppy juice has been found to work just as well as human blood. Poppy juice will be used in SCP-YYYY's containment starting ██/██/20██.