Kyle "Silver" Jones

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject has the ability to remotely control and manipulate metal, thus is confined within a room made of anything else. Subject also has extensive healing abilities and unaided flight, so amount of space is restricted so he can't bring up enough force to break free. Metal is prohibited up to a twenty-five foot area as that is his confirmed range for sensing metal. In addition, access to inorganic material is to be moderated due to his capability to forge detailed devices. Should subject show severe hostility a barrage of sedatives are to be launched at him, with the minimum dosage of fourteen to successfully put him out.

Description: SCP-XXXX is mainly Caucasian with patches of metallic-appearing flesh. Having an average body, his body is similar to that of a sixteen year old. He possesses silver hair and blue eyes, and has no signs of scarring even from recent wounds. There seems to be two dominate personalities in SCP-XXXX, one calling himself Kyle while the other calls himself Silver.

From the first encounter with SCP-XXXX, his ability to revive after death was discovered when the stab wound in his forehead sealed itself shut five minutes afterwards. From there his healing capability had been experimented with, and it was quickly discovered that the bone making up his neck was far stronger than the rest of his skeleton structure. Being reduced down to his neck and brain, it takes about twenty-one days for his body to fully regenerate. Subject only needs his entire brain, neck and heart to continue functioning. His healing ability seems to be focused around his head, so all excess material has been destroyed or used in experiments.

Numerous diseases were used on SCP-XXXX to test his healing abilities, and has yet to retain anything other than colds and fevers. Experiments involving his blood shows a mutative effect on any living creature that get it in their bloodstream, showing minor enhanced healing and immunity at the lowest levels to a near-replica of his known abilities at the highest. None of these subjects obtain the same level of neck strength, and are rendered truly dead if reduced to the head and neck.

Addendum XXXX-1: Subject first appeared in the middle of the complex wearing a waist-watch and several devices strapped onto his person. Each of these devices were taken and placed under lock as their purposes are being studied. Several of the devices have been discovered for the purpose of obtaining, holding, and testing organic samples. When questioned about this, subject stated matter-of-fact that he travels around collecting genetic material from unique individuals. His contact with other SCP is severely restricted and only allowed in the company of trained guards to prevent the theft of material.

Addendum XXXX-2 SCP-XXXX's arrival in the complex is still being investigated, though those around the area he appeared claim to have seen a distortion in the air. Following the distortion but before his arrival a tear in space-time formed, with those unfortunate to have been passing by sent somewhere. They have yet to be found anywhere, and it is suspected they were scattered into other universes.

Addendum XXXX-3 It is currently being decided whether to test his regenerative abilities and immunity regarding the use of other SCP. No physical or chemical changes were noted when exposed to such human viruses and diseases, promoting a desire to test this capability of his with other mutative SCPs.