My First SCP?

SCP Christmas Tree

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX should be contained
in a 3.70x5.50x2.4384m room air sealed with 8 cm thick steel walls. The tree requires at least 1.5m^3 of mollisols imported from the US Midwest(Montana). The room should be kept at temperatures
ranging from 3.9° to 6.1° C, and watered every 7 days after
the previous hydration. This is to be carried out by Class-D personnel, at no point should anything
relating to or in association with Christmas should be brought
within a 30m radius. If Christmas related paraphernalia are detected within
SCP-xxxx's activation range protocol 12-25 is to be enacted immediately
and all offending articles/persons removed from the activation range and
terminated as well as incinerated after being fumed along with the surrounding areas.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an 2.5 x 1.5m Picea pungens Engelm,
commonly referred to as a blue spruce.
It was first reported in 12/25/2003 to the local authorities
after a 3 young children were sent to find if their father had found a
Christmas tree. The young children found their father at a small grove of "Blue Spruce" dying of exsanguination due to various needles and branches stuck into every part of his body.
A blood thinner similar to clopidogrel bisulfate (Plavix) caused the wounds to bleed profusely this was mixed with several other chemicals including artificial substances that can only be created in a modern laboratory. It was later investigation found that
a Christmas sweater that his wife had made for him was the cause of the attack due to it's separation from the body and decomposed state along with individual needles lodged in the remains of the fabric .
, this lead other researchers to believe that fibers such as hair or wool would trigger chemical changes and an violent ejaculation of spores in a way similar to that of sphagnum moss.
Experiment Log:

Name Date Experiment Description Experiment result
Dr.Reisch 12/19/2011 Testing the effects of refined Christmas ornament injected into SCP-XXXX SCP-XXXX ejected all of its needles. Both subjects were found dead in advanced states of decomposition, while SCP-XXXX was dripping in blood later studies show enzymes similar to those in modern carnivorous plants and a violent reaction leaving the tree in a state of decay .
Dr.Robert 12/24/2008 Studying the effects of SCP-XXXX on D-14786 and D-14787 over prolonged periods of time. Subjects D-14786 and D-14787 both died of exsanguination after months of exposure, they had both reported intense pain, a slight dizziness and eventual discolor of vision along with various auditory and visual illusions that took the form of Presents and random ornaments along with snow that "Was as cold as it looked.
Dr.[REDACTED] 1-6/21/2008 SCP-XXXX was agitated by the subjects trimming and cutting it in various ways. SCP-XXXX only responded to direct harm to its branches and trunk by emitting pores that seem to be normal in biological makeup, the Class-D personnel were later screened and found to retain Christougenniatiko dentrophobia, Chioniophobia and other Christmas related phobias for up to two months after the incident.
Dr.Smith 12/25/2005 Class-D Personnel were to attach sensory equipment to the tree to test the effects of [REDACTED] on the tree. This test resulted in the most destructive SCP-XXXX containment breach yet when D-13782 was introduced to SCP-XXXX their Christmas themed tattoos activated the tree causing the death of 23 persons. This event was designated SCP-XXXX-A1 and sent for further inspection as to how the breach occurred and how SCP-XXXX spread out of its containment cell.

Further testing is pending approval
//Request Denied //1