Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Safe class item storage locker, protected by a 6 digit password.No further containment procedures are needed outside of testing. In the event that Foundation members report their ability to see or interact with SCP-XXXX-1, they must be taken to interrogation and detained in a room covered by a Faraday cage until SCP-XXXX-1 can be activated and questioned about their actions. Should the imprisonment of SCP-XXXX-1 prove necessary, it should be lured to a room equipped with a Faraday cage by a pre-designated D-Class, after being targeted with the 'ELIMINATE' option in SCP-XXXX's case selection menu.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an NES cartridge containing the 'Iggy, Private Investigator' program. When inserted into any device capable of reading NES cartridges, it will present the game's main menu with the silhouette of SCP-XXXX-1 in the background. The 'New Case' and 'Extra' options are the only ones on this screen. When you press 'New Case' a new screen, with a traditional movie detective desk and SCP-XXXX-1 in the right corner, containing the 'Private Case', 'Pre-selected' and 'Tutorial' options. Each use of a private case will result in a specific amount of money being transfered from the players real bank account to an untraceable account.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a theropod creature that resembles a Utahraptor ostrommaysorum with bluish gray coloration, approximately 2 meters high and 4 meters long although its size does not prevent it from fitting into cars or elevators. SCP-XXXX-1 goes by the name of Iggy, being the protagonist of the game. When manifested in physical form or when viewed in 'research mode' it avoids physical contact with electrified surfaces and strong magnetic fields.

The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX occur when the 'Private case' option is selected. A new screen will appear where Iggy or SCP-XXXX-1 will introduce himself and inquire about the nature of the work by presenting an 'Subject sheet'.Details on the four options available in this menu and the sheet bellow:

Subject's Name:
Date of birth: ( Individual only )
ID: ( Individual only )
Reason for investigation:
Clues or Leads:

  • Investigate
    • Press OK to submit.
    • SCP-XXXX will become unresponsive for a period of time ranging from 5 minutes to 18 hours.
    • SCP-XXXX-1 will reappear on screen and give a detailed report on the subject.
  • Locate Subject
    • Press OK to submit.
    • SCP-XXXX will become unresponsive for a period of time ranging from 5 minutes to 18 hours.
    • SCP-XXXX-1 will present the subject's current location and offer to guide the player to the location.
  • Designate as partner
    • Press OK to submit.
    • SCP-XXXX-1 will manifest as a physical entity and procede to find it's designated partner or a superior officer.
    • SCP-XXXX-1 will only heed orders from it's partner but occasionally obeys officers he recognizes as part of the partner's task force.
    • It will accompany the partner until he dispenses it and the case ends.
  • Eliminate
    • SCP-XXXX-1 will question the reason for the job and has only accepted 5 such cases since being aprehended by the Foundation.

The pre-selected cases include normal platform phases where SCP-XXXX-1 jumps, grabs and climbs to collect evidence and cutscenes selected randomly by the program, as well as attacking and avoiding gangsters or entering ventilation ducts for maze phases. The developers explain that they wanted the game to be able to create new casual cases by collecting information from the internet to create antagonistic characters, victims and customers. They also said they planned a major campaign but never reached a stable construct, showing surprise at seeing the game running and SCP-XXXX-1 able to use the ventilation since it was for a minor character (a smaller velociraptor) to be able to do that.

Addendum 1: SCP-XXXX came to the Foundation's possession during the raid at the headquarters of ███████ Enterprises, a producer of classic games of old consoles that had purchased the services of a reality bender that was under observation by the Foundation. During the operation the subject of interest was killed and the company's properties were seized. The subsequent investigation resulted in the discovery of the project in which he was working. Named as 'Iggy, Private Investigator', the game should be a platform where the protagonist should collect evidence, avoiding traps and mobsters. The developers affirm that the game has a 'randomness algoritm' and an extremely advanced social and logic simulator developed by Gerald █████████. Subsequent tests revealed the anomalous properties of the game, in addition to the obvious presence of an AI controlling the main character after messages directed to researchers begun appearing during Interviews.

Addendum 2: The 'Extra' option offers two new interactions with SCP-XXXX-1.

  • Question
    • Selecting this option SCP-XXXX-1 will manifest itself and may be interrogated until dismissed or decided not to cooperate.
  • Unshackle
    • Due to the implications of selecting this option, it is not allowed to test it.